Here’s Why Teeth Whitening Should Be In-Office


Home teeth whitening kits are not professional.

It might not be in your genes to have yellow teeth, but you certainly do enjoy drinking coffee and wine. You look into the mirror and wish your teeth were whiter. You brush every day (and floss) because you know that the simple act of brushing and flossing every day can help maintain tooth discoloration 1. Weeks pass by and your teeth remain greyish and yellowish: You are convinced that genetics and aging (not just that cup of joe) play a role in staining your teeth 2. And you are not going to stop drinking coffee because of stained teeth, especially when there are ways to whiten teeth regularly.

Teeth whitening or bleaching, is a process in which the dentin (the inner part of the tooth) is whitened by soaking up substances such as hydrogen peroxide 3. Teeth whitening is an effective way to whiten your teeth, as the whitening takes place inside of the tooth 3. The next question is whether you should get yourself a home whitening kit or an appointment at the teeth whitening clinic next door. Here are some reasons to do the latter.

     1. Safety. 

While home teeth whitening kits are available at a better price than teeth whitening clinic services, there is a higher risk of temporarily burned or bleached gums when whitening your teeth by yourself, especially for those with sensitive gums 4. In other words, teeth whitening clinics are experts in whitening your teeth without harming your teeth and gums, hence even making it possible for those with sensitive gums to whiten their teeth.

     2. Faster and better whitening.

People don’t go to teeth whitening clinics just for safety reasons: Results of teeth whitening at a clinic are more impressive, since a stronger bleaching solution can be used than what’s found in home kits and due to the presence of a professional 5. Furthermore, the techniques utilised by teeth whitening professionals combine heat and light, which serve to speed up and intensify the whitening process 7.  For example, some professionals insist that the use of lights (such as LED, halogen curing lights and plasma arches) accelerates the action of the bleaching gel. As a result, expert-level whiteness can be achieved in a short period of time. Achieving the desired level of whiteness in a short period of time becomes necessary when an important event is approaching, such as a wedding, a performance or a work-related event 6

    3. Spaced-out Whitening Sessions.

Whitening your teeth at clinics is more effective not just because of the presence of a professional and the stronger bleaching agent used: Professionals at teeth whitening clinics are able to recommend to you the time intervals in which your teeth bleaching appointments should take place 6. By having your teeth whitened gradually over time, you are protecting your teeth from being exposed to too much bleaching agent at once, which is not good for dental health 9.

Now you know what you must do for safer and more effective teeth whitening. Trust a professional today by booking a teeth whitening session on: