A Needleless Method to Skin Lifting


Alternative to the classic and conventional skin lifting.

Whenever people talk about skin lifting, it has always been about either a surgical procedure or in many cases, involving the use of a needle in the process. Today, there are various newly developed technology available for the beauty treatment seekers out there. Especially if you have always been afraid of needles and other sharp medical instruments, one of the best pain-free technology available for you to try is known as Airjet Skin Lifting. 

What is Airjet Skin Lifting?

Airjet Skin Lifting is a new technology discovered by Korea, where the uniqueness of it is being a needle-free device which can play a powerful role in skin lifting and rejuvenating; moreover, targeting a variety of concerns on the skin such as acne scars, wrinkles, fine lines and saggy skin. 

The name ‘Airjet’ was created from the nozzle specially designed to generate high pressure energy to spray non-ionized solution (more than 500kDa) into the deep skin layer with the “JET BULLET EFFECT”. The JB (Jet bullet effect) works by high kinetic energy, delivering the drug molecules straight into the desired target area.


How Airjet Skin Lifting Works?

Airjet Skin Lifting is done by high pneumatic injection into the deep layer of the skin, solution containing drug molecules is delivered rapidly and directly to the target area (dermis). After the treatment, natural healing process is required for the skin to rejuvenate. The skin then regenerates itself along with the process of dermal thickening. 


Features of Airjet Skin Lifting

  • JET BULLET EFFECT allows drug molecules in the form of solution can be delivered efficiently.
  • The device is designed for easy changing of syringe kit, ensuring cleanliness.
  • It is user-friendly as motor noise is minimized.
  • Non-invasive and needle-free, reducing the damage and side effects that may be caused to the skin. 
  • Visible results within 2 weeks.


Target Areas

  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Acne scars
  • Neck wrinkles 
  • Crow’s feet
  • Cheek
  • Chin fat


To Summarize …

Airjet Skin Lifting is definitely one of the beauty treatments to go for as it benefits various skin conditions from many different concerns. The skin can result in overall visible changes with just one treatment done but to maintain the appearance, re-visiting is recommended.  Click here to know where you can get your Airjet treatments at!