Are You Thinking of Skin Boosters?


Here’s Why Rejuran Healer is the best choice.


What is skin booster?

Skin booster is an anti-aging cosmetic dermatology procedure that aims to provide skin treatment without any surgical methods involved.The skin booster dose is made of hyaluronic acid, which helps to enhance skin texture. The process increases micro circulation and collagen production, thereby wrinkles and fine lines would be visibly reduced. In addition, it helps the tone and elasticity of the skin as well.

Rejuran Healer introduced

These days, as technology advances, introducing the newer technique of skin boosting called Rejuran Healer – people start to question how are they different from the previous available skin boosters; are they not the same?

Rejuran Healer is a type of skin filler where the main component of the dose is from salmon DNA, this promises the rejuvenation process to the skin which includes repairing of damaged skin, reversing the signs of aging, revitalizing skin, minimizing pores and improving skin elasticity as well. Instead of making use of hyaluronic acid like skin boosters, Rejuran Healer functions by polynucleotides, as the nucleotides are actually the building blocks of DNA (salmon DNA in this case).

Polynucleotide is a biocompatible substance; it is heat-resistant and known to be very well compatible with humans without triggering any immune response when encountered. It helps to improve skin conditions from the inner layer, restoring skin structure by encouraging skin regeneration power – this repairs the damaged areas as well as makes the skin layers healthier and thicker, creating the key concept for Rejuran Healer as “healing and protection”.

Rejuran Healer mainly uses for:

・Saggy and aging skin

・Wrinkles and fine lines

・Acne scars and large pores

Rough and dehydrated skin

・Overall repair for healthier and youthful skin

You might wonder if you are suitable for this Rejuran Healer treatment and what are the areas that it really focuses on, this section may help you to decide whether you should give the treatment a try or not. Rejuran Healer is suitable for people in the age of mid-twenties onward and no, it is not too early to give yourself the green light to this treatment as nowadays in this technology-based and time-rushing environment, your skin is often affected by various powerful aging factors that leads to the process of premature aging.

Premature aging is the early signs of aging which comes way earlier than expected. Surprisingly, not just from sun exposure and pollutants, it is also caused by the unhealthy habits in our daily lives such as stress, poor sleep quality, poor diet as well as excess alcohol and caffeine intake. With not much time to take care of ourselves, Rejuran Healer can be a helpful solution to your troubled skin.

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