Spider Web Aesthetic: A Non-Surgical Facelift


Look effortlessly youthful and elegant.

Inspired by the amazing mechanism of the spider web – the beautiful and most flexible structure in nature, the Spider Web Aesthetic is a non-surgical, rejuvenating face lift procedure.

To give you a clearer picture, this treatment uses medical threads, or polydioxanone threads that structurally look like spider web fibers. These medical threads are woven under the skin using very thin needles. They are flexible and can be placed under the skin like a web. Medical threads react with the skin while lifting it. Meanwhile, the body reacts to the threads by producing biological fibroblast, collagen and elastin. With the ideal process taking place, your skin will start rejuvenating immediately and will maintain its development depending on skin type, nutritional habits and current age.

After the procedure, no bandage or medical dressing will be required. As the procedure is performed under sterile conditions, there won’t be any risk of infection. Your body will form its own collagen web around the location where the medical threads have been placed. The medical threads will then dissolve under the skin after six months and the rejuvenation process will continue nonstop.

For an effective rejuvenation to take place, you are advised to follow these tips after Spider Web Aesthetic procedure:

・Consume food and beverages that will support your collagen production like green vegetables, fruits and vegetables with vitamin A and C.

・Use cold compresses to prevent possible swelling.

・Protect your skin from sunlight. The skin must be protected against harmful rays at all times to avoid getting damaged.

・Apply the cream prescribed by our clinic or your usual and high-quality moisturizing creams.

・Only use hygienic makeup materials after the procedure. Ensure that makeup tools such as brushes are clean.

People who have had Spider Web aesthetic stated that they prefer this method because they have “successfully achieved skin lift with a simple application” without interrupting their social lives and daily activities like makeup. In fact, it is safe to start applying makeup right after the procedure.

Our affiliated clinic offers 3 types of Spider Web aesthetic, which are the Simple, Moderate and Advanced Spider Web Aesthetic. The main difference between the 3 types of Spider Web Aesthetic is the number of sutures used in the procedure. The Advanced Spider Web Aesthetic uses the highest number of sutures to lift the face. As a general rule, the Simple and Moderate Spider Web Aesthetic is suitable for those under the age of 30, whilst the Advanced Spider Web Aesthetic is suitable for those who are 30 years old and above.

You can also ditch the worry of having to bear pain during the procedure. In Spider Web Technique, generally local anesthesia is performed by applying a special cream to the skin. However, in cases where more than 100 medical threads are required, the treatment will be performed under sedation in operation room conditions according to doctor’s advice.

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