Teeth Whitening: At Home or In Office?


Make up your mind wisely. But only after you read this.

Who would prefer getting ready and drive a few kilometers away from home when we can have them at home, no one right? I get it. But when it comes to teeth whitening, which option would be better? Let’s go through the pros and cons to teeth brightening at home and at the dentists.

In-Office Treatments

I can hear you. Why go through the hassles when everything is readily available at home?

In-office procedures are usually quick and painless. All you must do is sit on the chair and let your dentist do their job. It can be quite expensive but rest assured, it is safe and all procedure is under your dentist’s supervision. You don’t have to worry about the chemical substances used that may affect your health.

What’s better is that you could get them to recommend your treatment plans. Sometimes they even offer a free consultation, so you can spend those time to ask them whatever your mind wonders.

At-Home Whitening Kits

Let’s see if at-home kits would be worth it. There are many kinds of whitening kits nowadays:

  1.       Whitening toothpaste: Usually they would only cost $5 to $15 more than the ordinary ones. It has active ingredients to remove stains and provide gradual whitening. Sometimes it takes a few months before you could see a satisfying result. Be careful though, some people may get sensitive teeth with daily usage.
  2.       Gel Strips / Whitening Trays: They are usually more costly than the toothpaste but still rather cheap if compared to in-office treatments. You put them on your teeth for a few hours a day and you might have to do it through the entire month.
  3.       Whitening Rinses: They are the easiest. All you need to do is gargle it for about a minute or two. The whitening agent gets in contact with your teeth and can result in gradual whitening.
  4.       Natural Remedies: I have never tried them but some people believe ways like using charcoal, baking soda or apple cider vinegar work wonders to brighten the teeth. Bear in mind though, our teeth can be sensitive with those ingredients.

Especially today, people are so obsessed with teeth whitening and they don’t mind spending for at-home products without even checking the safety precautions. I wouldn’t say trying at-home products are wrong. But it’s your body you are risking. There are tons of products out there that are fake and can be dangerous to use.

Did you know that trade union said that DIY teeth whitening had seized standards and contain dangerous levels of hydrogen peroxide of at least more than 33%? With that percentage of the chemical substances, high level bleaching gels could cause major damages such as mouth infections, blistering gums, nerves damage and a few others.

So, our major takeaway here is best if you could consult your dentists and have your teeth whitened in office. Otherwise, if you wish to do it at home, ensure that the products you get are certified and recommended by panels of doctors and health personnel.

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