Fatigue Recovery Drip Infusion (Tokyo, Japan)


Does it really work?

Introducing the drip infusion
Fatigue Recovery Drip Infusion is a unique blend of vitamins, essential fluids, electrolytes and antioxidants. The blend is used to treat various health conditions that are usually caused by lack of proper nutrients intake. In many people, oral intake of nutrients is insufficient to maintain the good health condition as the body may lack more nutrients than the amount of food they are able to consume per day; moreover, nutrients ingested take a longer journey within our body, from digestion in the intestine, to the liver, and to the absorption process.

Drip infusion works by injecting essential nutrients in liquid form directly into the bloodstream, which is a faster process and it is ensured that no nutrients would be lost during the natural digestion process.

A deeper knowledge about it
The main mechanism in this treatment is to reduce the oxidative stress present in the body. Oxidative stress is the imbalance occurred between free radicals and antioxidants, with free radicals being on the winning side. Free radicals are molecules that contain uneven electron numbers of oxygen, making them unstable and could react easily with other molecules. While normal body condition should be in the absence of oxidative stress, many people actually encounter oxidative stress and suffer from it in various ways, commonly hair loss, greying of hair, inflammation, depression, as well as fatigue.

Fatigue Recovery Drip Infusion supplies vital nutrients that are necessary in restoring your health; not just promoting fatigue recovery, it also helps to relieve stress, increase your body’s metabolism, re-energize you, improves your skin conditions as well as replenishes the ingredients necessary to your body.

The two main ingredients present in the drip infusion are: antioxidant and energy-booster. Vitamin C, glutathione, taurin, selenium and amino acids are the main contributors to antioxidants while magnesium functions as the energy-booster that allows your body to feel energized.

In some serious fatigue, intramuscular magnesium and B vitamins will be used for a better treatment as B12 is known to increase energy production in brain and nervous system and B complex is essential for neurological health and cellular energy production.

Will there be any associated risk?
An important reminder to you is that excess minerals and vitamins can also cause harm to the system instead of full benefiting from it. If you are not sure about your body limit, it is better to seek for a doctor consultation before proceeding with the treatment.

Fatigue Recovery Injection (Improves Skin and Energizes)