What is Skin Aging and how Thermage can help? (Bangkok, Thailand)


Thermage: One of the non-invasive ways to tighten skin.

By Kath Wong | November 14 2019

As time passes, our body ages day by day, decreasing its efficiency and abilities. And the same thing happens to our skin too.

Aging of the skin happens everyday without us actually noticing it. The youngsters might think that it is a slow process, but aging can happen dramatically over a night by many improper habits. Other than long period of sun exposure and daily encounter with pollutants, improper habits which seem to be affecting everyone include insufficient water intake, insufficient sleeping hours as well as lack of exercise.

The aging signs of the skin can be simply observed by appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, sagginess, baggy eyes as well as dryness, and it often leads to loose skin. Loose skin is when the skin move downwards, losing its elasticity to return to its initial tightness.

While spending the time we have working 9 to 5, reaching mid 30s where there is no turning back, we start searching for ways to actually help reverting our skin back to its youthful state. Just when we think that there is no help, technology nowadays provides us a second chance to amend our regrets with various treatments, ranging from the non-invasive ones all the way to penetrating processes.

Introducing Thermage: one of the many non-invasive methods available to treat saggy skin. The process is known to tighten and eventually lift the skin by stimulating our natural collagen to form. Collagen usually takes several months to form, depending on the age. But Thermage can now speed up the cycle using radio frequency.

Thermage takes about 45 to 90 minutes of treatment time and the effect could last for years. It is a safe treatment with no downtime and no recovery period is required as patients will not be restricted from sun exposure; the only side effects of it are temporary swelling and reddening. However, it takes around 3 to 6 months to notice the obvious positive results as the treatment acts like a booster for natural processes to occur. Despite the waiting period it would put us through for the results, but with its nature of being a non-invasive treatment it is not a bad thing to give it a try.

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