Silhouette Soft Face Lifting (Seoul, South Korea)


The strongest face lifting effect done non-surgically.

By Kath Wong | November 15 2019

Silhouette Soft Face Lifting is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment procedure for people who are facing problems such as sagginess, wrinkles, chubby cheeks, as well as double chin and a few others. It is by far, popularly known to have the strongest face lifting effect among other treatments available.

The purpose of this treatment is to restore smoother, a more toned skin, and at the same time a shapelier face.


How it’s Done?

The procedure involves a double action effect: an immediate repositioning of the tissue and the gradual regeneration of collagen. When the suture is placed, the repositioning effect starts immediately and discreetly. Slight pressure would be applied by the doctor to reshape the contour area of the face to make it appear smoother. The process gives positive results by having both tissue compression and skin elevation happening at the same time. As the repositioning works, the regeneration of collagen happens gradually with the effect produced by Poly L-lactic acid (PLLA) present in the Silhouette Soft® as the main component.


What is it comprised of?

Silhouette Soft® is safe as it is made in the USA with resorbable and biocompatible components; they are subjected to a number of sanitary controls. The main component of it – Poly L-lactic acid (PLLA) has been used in various medical and pharmaceutical related areas such as orthopedic pins, suture threads, screws and nails for bone fractures, etc. for many years and they are believed to be safely assured.


What to expect?

The treatment usually lasts for 2-3 hours including consultation and require no anesthesia. What you can expect from the treatment is high elasticity and long lasting effect. On the other hand, the possible side effects that might be observed are bruising and swelling for some time.


Post-Care for Silhouette Soft Face Lifting

Although the treatment is non-surgical, there are various rules that need to be followed through:
1. No makeup for 24 hours
2. Sleep with face elevated for 3 to 5 nights
3. No rubbing while cleaning face for at least 5 days
4. Avoid over exposure to direct sunlight and no tanning beds for 2 weeks
5. Avoid high impact sports (includes running) for 2 weeks
6. Avoid excessive facial movements for at least 2 weeks
7. Do not use Turkish baths or saunas for 3 weeks
8. Dental surgery should be avoided for at least 3 weeks
9. Facial massages and facial aesthetic treatments should be avoided for 4 weeks
10. Follow doctos’s instructions and guidance for post-care steps.

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