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Hyaluronic Acid to the Rescue!

By Iffah Suraya | November 21 2019

Aging has been a fact of life ever since the beginning of time. Who doesn’t wish to reverse the aging process? If only such is possible. But if we can’t slow down cellular aging, perhaps we can attempt to slow down the formation of wrinkles and prolong our lives by keeping ourselves healthy. Anti-aging pills and creams have been invented to pump up our hopes to get rid of wrinkles and blemishes. But do these products and treatments keep their promise of ensuring a more youthful you on the outside?

Do creams help firm up the skin? Do serums remove deep blemishes? According to many dermatologists, the real results are still arguable. What you swallow and spread on your skin might make your skin softer and smoother, but they won’t actually tighten skin and remove wrinkles. Then what should we turn to?

The human skin is for the most part, impenetrable (think about how you can swim for hours in the sea and still remain unbloated). Because of this, skin improvement must begin from the inside.

For instance, collagen can be stimulated to achieve firmer skin. Some products have also been created in the name of delivering collagen molecules into the skin. But in order to do that, molecules have to overcome the skin barrier. This means that injections are possibly a good option, because they go inside the skin. There is no way that creams and serums would penetrate the skin.

So an effective way to stimulate collagen and improve the skin would be syringe-based procedures that actually reach into layers of the skin where collagen lies. Injections may sound scary, but why do a lot of people get them? Because they work.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) injections
Hyaluronic Acid (HA) injections stimulate collagen synthesis by targeting collagen inside the skin directly. Plus, HA exists naturally in our body which makes the injection safe. To a certain extent, anti-aging serums such as HA serums do help to firm the skin. Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid has been touted as being good at hydrating the skin; and research detailing the efficacy of low molecular weight HA at penetrating the skin exists. Studies have shown that when applied topically, HA can heal and protect skin from the damaging effects of UV rays.

The verdict: to possess youthful skin, you could get yourself a facelift, a dermal filler, a botox (recommended for very loose skin with more wrinkles). Or, you could do it inside out. Stimulate collagen that’s already in your skin with a syringe. Then your skin will start to glow. Blemishes and dark circles will disappear. The successful attainment of youthful skin happens best inside out.

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