Blue Rose Lifting: Non-surgical Face Lift (Tokyo, Japan)


One of your To-Do Lists to Stay Young and Lifted!

By Kath Wong | December 3 2019

Ladies! When reaching your 30’s you might start to notice all the visible face lines, wrinkles, sagging skin and there is nothing you can do but to stop and wonder: “is it time for me to start looking for ways to maintain my youthful face?” The answer is yes, if you want to look young like in your early 20’s, you better start now.

There are various types of treatment available for different types of skin and concerns, you just really have to read up and choose the right one! For today, one of the well-known face lift treatments will be introduced here – Blue Rose Lifting.

Blue Rose Lifting, is a non-surgical facelift procedure that uses medical thread with rose stem’s thorns-like hooks to give lift-up effect for sagging skin.

Why Blue Rose Lifting?
First things first, Blue Rose Lifting has been approved by the US FDA and KFDA in the means of fixing facial tissues for a facelift procedure. Moreover, it has a rather strong lifting effect (by 3 times) compared to the other existing threads; with the hooks that are similar to rose thorns, the procedure is ensured to be a very effective way to tighten and firm the skin. Nonetheless, as the Blue Rose Lift threads are made by molding method where the tensile strength can actually be well-maintained at 100%, this further assures that Blue Rose Lifting provides a long-lasting face lift effect.

Some of the main advantages for Blue Rose Lifting include:

・Immediate effect – the moment threads are inserted, results of the sagging skin being lift up can be observed right away.

・Skin elasticity increased – once the threads are inserted into the areas that need to be treated, the process for cellular tissues to stimulate collagen synthesis would start immediately to boost skin elasticity.

・Side effects and downtime reduced – with this treatment compared to the conventional thread lifts, swelling afterwards is minimized along with scarring that could appear from almost visible to none.

Best Candidates for Blue Rose Lifting:
Women at any age are welcomed to proceed with Blue Rose Lifting treatment; though the early, the better as it would be more effective and gives more optimum results. The treatment is suitable for everyone who wish to see an instant improvement with just one session of face lift. Face lifting may give the first impression that is only to be used for aging skins, but that is not just what it can do; Blue Rose Face Lifting can also help with women who do not adore their plumply facial figure and wish to have a more egg-shaped face, like how models do.

Some other information you might want to know about Blue Rose Lifting
・Blue Rose Lifting is categorized as one of the “Lunchtime facelift”
・Uses biodegradable threads for the treatment
・Does not make large incisions
・Can be done without general anesthesia
・Normal daily lives can be carried on right after the treatment
・V line face can be achieved

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Blue Rose Lifting (New Face Lift Concept from Korea)