Why Your Skin Will Love Electroporation Facial (Bangkok, Thailand)


Flood your skin with goodness without injections.

By Azra Shuib | December 6 2019

Our skin barrier is a gift. It is our fortress that protects us from potential irritants and allergens that can cause acne, increased sensitivity and dryness.

But that also means that it won’t be easy for skincare products to sink into the deep layers of the epidermis. Have you ever layered up your serum and moisturizer to combat dry skin, but somehow it is never enough? And worse, you end up clogging up your pores and this leads to more skin issues – what a way to give you more stress right?

But there is a method to get your skin to open its ‘door’ and let miraculous ingredients of a product to penetrate deeper into the skin. By getting the goodness to get into your dermal layers, your skin conditions will improve overtime and continue to make corrective changes.

Introducing electroporation, a procedure in which an externally applied electrical field causes an increase in the electrical conductivity and permeability of the cell plasma membrane. In simpler language, electroporation allows penetration of whatever ingredients you want to send into the skin, and leave it there in the interior of your skin cells. The nutrients will stay there to continue making great progress to your skin. These ‘nutrients’ we are talking about may be helping in collagen production, increasing hydration levels, rejuvenation or other skin issues you want to improve.

Currently, studies on electroporation focus on physically enhancing skin penetration through high voltage, short duration pulses applied to the skin. This has been shown to effectively enhance skin penetration of molecules and water-based compounds and may be able to deliver compounds such as skin nutrients and growth factors into the skin more effectively.

Among the advantages of electroporation facial:
・Reduces wrinkles and creases
・Improves pigmentation, mild acne, melasma
・Improves skin permeability
・Smoothens and tightens skin
・Brightening effect
・No downtime
・Skin will continue to improve over time

Trust us when we say your skin will love electroporation facial. For best results of the treatment, you are recommended to repeat the session twice a week in 4-6 weeks. Considering the benefits, it’s worth trying for a better skin texture.

But before you go…
Please be informed that electroporation facial is not suitable for those who:
・Use a pacemaker
・Have a muscular or nervous disease
・Suffer from epilepsy
・Are pregnant or breastfeeding
・Are being treated for cancer or malignant tumors
・Have orthopaedic implants

So now what are you waiting for? Book a session today with Trambellir. Easy, fast, safe and secure! Just click the link down below for better skin ahead:

Electroporation (Enhance Skin Permeability)