Tummy Tuck – The Last Resort for Flat and Firm Stomach (Bangkok, Thailand)


Are you considering a Tummy Tuck procedure? Make sure you read this first!

By Kath Wong | December 13 2019

Are you fed up with the excess fat and skin around your abdomen? No matter how hard you tried losing those fat by going on diet plans and exercising but they just don’t work the way they do anymore, and you still insist on the idea of getting them removed – the last resort for you may want to consider would be “Tummy tuck”.

What is Tummy Tuck?

Tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgical procedure performed to boost your body image by giving your abdominal area a more flattened appearance. In order to achieve that, the procedure involves removing excess fat as well as skin from your abdomen with a minimal incisional technique. The treatment might also have been known by its other name: Abdominoplasty.

When the excess skin and fat are removed, connective tissues within the abdomen are usually tightened up with sutures and the remaining skin left is used to tone and shape the area by re-positioning it. Although the incision for this treatment is minimal, however, Tummy Tuck is considered to be a major surgery which it is certainly not an alternative to weight loss.

Who Tummy Tuck is really for?

Now, you might wonder who are the best candidates for this treatment. Tummy tuck is most appropriate for non-smokers with a good physical condition and stable weight that have lost elasticity in their skin and hence have the inability for their skin to return to their original appearance before all the fats invade, even after losing weight. One of the groups of people that matches the category described above is women after giving birth.

There are a number of women that have decided to proceed with Tummy tuck after pregnancy, as the body actually does some almost-permanent changes to them, such as stretching of skin and muscles; this makes space for fats to build up and for skin to sag dramatically. Before undergoing the treatment, they should make sure that they no longer have plans for more children in the future.

On the other hand, people with fat localized in the lower part of abdomen are suitable to undergo a partial abdominoplasty, or known as mini-tummy tuck; this is a less invasive procedure that requires shorter incisions in length-wise.

The preparation before Tummy Tuck

The first and the most important rule is no smoking. If you are a smoker, it is a must to stop completely for at least 2 weeks before as well as after the surgery because smoking contributes to the risk of complications and thus delay the healing process.

Well-balanced diet is very important for the healing process, make sure you have proper meals and do not try to fast for weight loss before the surgery. Some medications may need to be stopped for a certain period; it is better to make a list of the medications you take and consult the surgeon before everything.

Here is the list of recommended things to prepare for post-operative care:

・Ice packs
・Comfortable clothing
・Petroleum jelly for incision sites
・Bathroom chair

The Recovery and Complications

Recovery can vary from 2 weeks to 2 months where pain and swelling can be felt for days, and soreness can last for several weeks, depending on your condition. During the recovery period, strenuous activity as well as lifting heavy objects should be avoided. Moreover, Numbness and tiredness may also be experienced.

It is important to know that tummy tuck treatment can leave permanent scars of the incisions, which may be further dealt with after the recovery by certain creams or ointments. Other than that, complications which are rare include infection, internal bleeding and blood clots that can cause trouble breathing.

Everything on Earth involves the little risks, just that some things are actually worth considering – Tummy Tuck.

Tummy Tuck (Flatter and Firmer Stomach)