Happy Lift: The Non-Invasive Instant Face Lift (Tokyo, Japan)


A V-shaped face – a dream come true.

By Kath Wong | December 17 2019

These days, a v-shaped face can be achieved within your lunch break, and Happy Lift is one of the treatments existing for the purpose.

Happy Lift is a non-invasive face lift treatment that focuses on the midface lifting for aging skin as well as the premature aging ones. Premature aging skin does not need to always mean the formation of unwanted pigmentation, it can be the definition for the already sagging skin – the skin that refuse to lift and stay in place like the babies.

How Happy Lift is different from the others

The common thread lifts require multiple threads to actually succeed in performing a perfect face lift. For Happy Lift, only 2 threads, with one on each side of the face, are needed to complete the full treatment.

Other than the reduced amount of threads used, Happy Lift has a unique technology for the threads. The threads, unlike the others, are made of poly-L-lactic acid and caprolactone (PCA) instead of PDO; it is believed to prolong the absorption up to 18 months so that the lift effect can stay longer. Moreover, these threads are designed with barbs that spread out like tiny blossoms under the skin to lift the tissues upwards firmly and effectively, as only 2 threads are doing the job.

Last but not least, the threads have another function more to just lifting and the effect that helps to last longer than 18 months: they have the ability to stimulate collagen and elastin production from the inner layer of the skin. This is probably the best point as we all love things that are natural.

Other than a v-shaped face, what else can Happy Lift treat?

Happy Lift helps to strengthen skin structure, remove fine lines and wrinkles, balance out the uneven eyebrows, revive sagging eyebrows, cheeks and neck, create a more defined jawline, smoothen nasolabial folds (smile lines) and rejuvenate overall appearance.

Happy Lift can be for men as well

Aging skin can happen as fast to both men and women; Happy Lift is suitable for both genders of all skin types who seek for a convenient, minimally invasive non-surgical treatment that helps to improve and prolong their youthful skin.

Queen Lift: The combination of Happy Lift and Silhouette Soft (3D Lift Long)

In case you are wondering if Happy Lift can be done with other treatments to give even better results for the entire face – the answer is yes, you can have both treatments done at the same time for the ultimate 3D result as Silhouette Soft concentrates on the visible face lines throughout the face other than the areas Happy Lift has covered.

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