Seoul – Where Beauty Treatments Are Worth Traveling For


Don’t leave Seoul without a treatment or two!

By Azra Shuib | December 24 2019

Apart from its widespread and gigantic entertainment industry, South Korea is also known for its beauty craze. From Korean beauty products, to famous facial treatments all the way up to plastic surgeries. And being blessed with the beautiful city of Seoul, it’s no wonder why tourists would flock there all year round. So if you’re traveling to Seoul soon, make sure you get your beauty treatments there and leave the place with your dream skin – the perfect souvenir from South Korea.

Experts recommend getting facials once every month, but when in Seoul – you know the drill. In 2018, South Korea has an estimated worth of $13.1 billion in sales for beauty markets. You might have also known just how they see beauty – a necessity rather than a once in a while indulgence. With such a holistic approach to beauty, you can expect innovative yet cozy and traditional beauty centres in Seoul.

So here is a list of beauty treatments you must consider booking when in Seoul:

1. Aqua Peel
Aqua Peel, also known as skin scaling, is a treatment that cleanses facial pores. This treatment uses AHA and BHA-infused solutions as well as a suction nozzle to suck dirt from the skin while infusing and saturating your pores with nutrient-rich serums, resulting in a hydrating effect. It has no downtime, and it’s suitable for sensitive skin since it’s very soothing and rejuvenating. It does not leave you with raw or tight feeling of the skin due to suction of blackheads and other blemishes. Aqua Peel is also safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

2. Silhouette Soft Face Lifting
Silhouette Soft Face Lifting is a popular and non-surgical cosmetic treatment procedure for people who are facing problems such as sagginess, wrinkles, chubby cheeks, and double chin, among others. It has been reviewed as a non-surgical procedure with a strong lifting effect. The procedure involves a double action effect: an immediate repositioning of the tissue and the gradual regeneration of collagen. The process gives positive results by having both tissue compression and skin elevation happening at the same time. As the repositioning works, the regeneration of collagen happens gradually.

3. Dermal Filler
Dermal fillers are hyaluronic acid injections done to fill up wrinkles so your skin will look plumper. It is also used in lips enhancement. And no, it won’t look unnatural – when done by the right doctor, the changes will look so subtle, but everyone will notice just how gorgeous and youthful you look. And since hyaluronic acid is natural, it is safe. And hyaluronic acid has the ability to store moisture which helps to maintain skin hydration. It can treat wrinkles, tear trough, sagging cheeks and thin lips, among others.

4. Eye bag removal
Eyebag Removal is a surgical (as well as a non-surgical) procedure that can be performed to restore fresher and more youthful eyes by removing excess sagging skin and fatty tissues from under the eye. The treatment, also known as the lower eyelid surgery, is an ideal solution to puffy eyes and loose skin. It is able to improve facial appearance by removing ageing signs like crow’s feet. There are 2 types of the procedure – Lower Blepharoplasty and Non-Incision Surgery.

Those are only a few among other treatments available in South Korea. If you’re in a hurry and can’t seem to choose the perfect treatment – don’t fret. We provide links down below where you can browse through the options for Korean beauty treatments, and book directly so you can enjoy your travels without draggy booking procedures:

Aqua Peel (Smooth, Glowing and Evenly Toned Skin)

Double Eyelid Surgery (Larger-Looking Eyes)

Nose Lift (Non-Surgical Nose Thread Lift)

Silhouette Soft Face Lifting (Restore Younger and Shapelier Skin)

Airjet Skin Lifting (Stimulate Skin Cells and Tighten Sagging Skin)

Anti-Aging Skincare Package (10 Years Younger in 1 Day)