Temple Lift Treatment – A Brow Lift For Sagginess (Tokyo, Japan)


A minimally invasive procedure to remove excess eyelid skin.

By Kath Wong | December 25 2019

Looking at ourselves in the mirror everyday, sometimes we wonder, “Is my brow deepening?” or “Have I grown excess skin?” Well, for those who might be able to spot on little changes everyday may be able to answer those questions easily. But for most of us, it could be quite challenging to notice them. Unless, we make a side by side comparison of the ‘before and afters’, then it’ll be easy to distinguish.

Eyebrows are considered to be an important part of our face. When the brows appear slightly raised only at the sides, it looks attractive; but if the brows suddenly descend dramatically, this can make the eye area look tired and unenergized. In the case where you want to maintain the youthful eyes, here’s the thing you can consider fixing other than your eyes: Temple Lift.

What is Temple Lift?

Also known as a temporal brow lift, temple lift is a minimally-invasive plastic surgery procedure performed to elevate the outer brow, soften crow’s feet, and tighten the area around the temples. From the description of being minimally invasive, it is also known to have relatively short downtime.

Temple lift is sometimes performed as a stand-alone procedure, but most of the time it is performed with other surgeries such as blepharoplasty, as well as face lift. It can be performed with smaller incisions well hidden within the hairline, resulting in easier recovery and minimal scarring.

To begin the procedure, local anesthesia will be given. A small incision will be placed within the hairline above the ear to minimize visible scars. Through this incision, underlying tissue will be mobilized and then suspended to elevate the outside of the brow and smooth crow’s feet.

What are the benefits of Temple Lift?

Temple lift surgery can relieve heaviness significantly and restore the optimum symmetry in the temple and brow areas. This procedure can help to soften crow’s feet lines and create a fresher, rejuvenated appearance in the eye and brow area.

After the treatment, sutures may take 7 to 10 days to be removed; but the good part is that no recovery period is necessary as the sutures will be well hidden within the hair.

The Side Effects of Temple Lift

Everything comes with risks, be it big or small. After the treatment, temporary numbness on the forehead is normal for some time. There may be some difference in height of the eyebrow position but they are not easily noticeable when most of the people have had this issue before the treatment without noticing.

Other than that, scars normally recover well but there are some scars that may lead to hair loss, which has to be masked by hair transplant. For the overall, there is not much to be worried about as the procedure is known to be minimally invasive.

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