Eye Fat Removal – Reduce Bagginess from Eyelids (Tokyo, Japan)


Did you know sagging skin can get in the way of your vision?

By Azra Shuib | December 27 2019

Your skin will lose volume and elasticity with age and combined with constant gravity pull, this can cause excessive skin to collect on the upper eyelid. In some circumstances, sagging skin can obstruct your eyesight. Apart from getting in your way of seeing, sagging eyelids can also make you look years older and tired. In serious cases like this, eye fat removal procedure, also known as blepharoplasty, is recommended.

Eye fat removal is a procedure that can remove fat deposits and swelling on the eyelids.This is done by making a small incision (few millimeters) on the eyelid crease and then removing the fat that accumulate on the eyelid. By applying this method, the surgery will not leave a noticeable or visible scar. If there’s any possibility that there would be dents or sunken appearance on the eyelids, then this procedure is not recommended.

How do I prepare myself for Eye Fat Removal?
You should consult with your doctor regarding your expectations so that you will be adequately informed. Next, arrange for someone to drive you home after the surgery. And plan to stay at home and rest after the procedure to avoid dry eyes and other complications. You should also quit smoking several weeks before the treatment so you could heal faster.

Eye Fat Removal Procedure
Generally, these are the steps involved in the treatment:
1. Doctor will examine your eyelid condition.
2. Incision line will then be predicted.
3. Anesthesia will be given – so don’t worry about the pain!
4. Incision will then be made along the natural line, or crease of the eyelid.
5. Through the cuts, excess fat will be removed.
6. Incisions will be closed with very small stitches, so it won’t be visible.
7. End of treatment. You can go home on the same day.

How will the recovery look like?
It is common to have scars and swelling, but scars will disappear within 3 months. About 70%-80% of the swelling will reduce in the first week post procedure. You should also look after yourself by following this post care tips:

・Be gentle with the treatment site to avoid possible complications like bleeding and infection. Refrain from rubbing your eyes.
・Avoid vigorous activities that can increase blood flow to the eyes like exercising or looking at computer and mobile screens for a long time.
・It is normal to feel tired while recovering as healing process can take a lot of your energy. So take naps when you feel tired to rest your eyes. This way you will heal faster.

Will the results be satisfying?
Yes, you can see immediate improvement after the procedure and the appearance will continue to improve from the first to second month. You will get an overall fresher look with more youthful eyes. Swollen eyelids will greatly improve and you will definitely feel more confident with your look. The most important thing is to get the best treatment from an experienced doctor and follow the experts’ guidelines for surgery.

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Eye Fat Removal (Eliminate Fat and Swelling on Eyelids)