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Time To Smile Confidently Again In Just 30 Minutes.

By Kath Wong | December 31 2019

The moment we walk out to socialize, the most important thing to be maintained seem to be our communication and smiles. While all of us wish for the perfect smiles with white flawless teeth, most of the cases of not being able to have natural white teeth are due to genetics and other factors include discoloration, as well as aging.

The color of teeth can be affected by the accumulation of surface stains acquired from the use of tobacco products and the consumption of certain foods or drinks, this is known as discoloration. On the other hand, as we age, the enamel becomes thinner as the thickness of dentin increases. The dentin of teeth has a naturally yellower tone than that of the enamel that covers it; thus, this leads to teeth being yellower how it used to be.

Brushing teeth daily does not help with the pigmented or yellowed teeth. Fortunately, from the development of technology way back then, Tokyo Smiles Express provides teeth whitening services.

What is Teeth Whitening and How is it done in Tokyo Smiles Express?

Without shaving and coating, teeth whitening involves teeth bleaching by using a chemical to decompose the pigments stuck on teeth to revive their natural whiteness. Tokyo Smiles Express has been providing the most convenient teeth whitening services for almost 5 years now and the procedure has always been kept simple and fast.

When you walk into Tokyo Smiles Express first of all, you will be guided to have a seat and instructions will be given clearly along with a declaration sheet. Next, a brief teeth color check up will be done by comparing your teeth to a demo teeth model that contains different common tones of teeth in order to find out your current teeth color and to which extent you desire your teeth to have (you will be carefully advised and recommended to meet the suitability).

A relaxing session of teeth whitening lasts around 30 minutes; usually 2 sessions will be taken up for the effective results. Prior to the LED light irradiation procedure, the specific whitening gel will be evenly applied onto teeth.

The component of teeth whitening gel is a combination of adjusted urea peroxide and hydrogen peroxide which are often used in oxydol (disinfectant). The ingredients are not harmful to the body, a small amount of gel swallowed unintentionally will not cause any risks to the body. The gel contains active whitening ingredient that penetrates enamel efficiently to discolor the enamel that has been pigmented for a long time.

What happens after?

After 30 minutes to 1 hour of treatment, the water content of teeth surface is lowered and teeth will be slightly more sensitive than usual. Within 24 hours after whitening, some points will be advised for post-operative care to prevent unwanted pigmentation to interfere as the teeth would still be sensitive and absorb colors easily.

The following list are the food restrictions for at least first 24 hours after the treatment:
・Dark Coloured Drinks: Coffee, tea, juice, red wine, etc.
・Carbonated Drinks
・Dark Seasonings and Spices: Curry, ketchup, chili sauce, soy sauce, wasabi, mustard
・Dark Colored Fruits: Blueberry, grape, orange, grapefruit, etc.
・Dark Colored Vegetables: Spinach, eggplant, pumpkin, tomato, etc.
・Others: Chocolate, food, or drinks that contain artificial coloring
・Smoking and using dark colored mouthwash should as well be refrained.

After the teeth whitening procedure, some temporary tingling sensation or slight pain may be felt after which would subside within 1 to 2 days. The level of pain varies depending on individuals; should the pain persists, it is advised to contact the clinic immediately.

Nevertheless, Tokyo Smiles Express promises to give you a pleasant and effective teeth whitening experience.
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