Tips for Getting Beauty Treatments Abroad


Avoid disastrous events, make them your best souvenirs.

By Azra Shuib | January 9 2020

There are a lot of benefits in getting your health and beauty treatments abroad. They can be cheaper, more effective and safer with more experienced doctors. Plus point, it adds to your travel experiences too. If you’re going to fly soon and hoping to come back looking better than ever, read on for some handy advice.

1. Do your research
Whether you’re just getting a regular facial during your journey, or you’re in face travelling to take advantage of cheaper treatment prices, be sure to do some research beforehand. What are your objectives? Do you want to revitalize a tired appearance? Are you longing for a great traditional massage? Or do you need beauty injections with long-lasting results? Whatever your goals are, do your research on the suitable treatments. You also need to read up about any side effects and contraindications to ensure that the therapy itself won’t get in the way of your travels.

And it’s also useful to check the recovery time needed for your choice of treatment. If you’re going to a destination for a long period of time, then a long downtime with repeated sessions might not be a problem. But if you want it quick, check out some treatments that can give immediate results with no downtime. These effective procedures can include fillers, aqua peel or a quick and effective skin-lifting procedure called MINT lift.

2. Confirm the price before you go
Some popular travel destinations have their own distinct beauty and health treatments, like Thai massage or South Korean beauty facials. Since these famous treatments are not a common splurge in other countries, it is a good thing to take advantage whenever you can. To ensure you won’t be at the losing end, always confirm the price in advance, or better yet, before you even board your flight.

Some clinics might promote a very cheap price when they actually have hidden charges, and you will end up being charged double. If you are not sure, confirm with the clinic or a third party that can mediate between customers and clinics with transparent and no marked-up prices.

3. Learn some basic language or get an interpreter to deliver the right communication
A very famous tip for travelers is to learn some basic language to get along with the locals. The same thing applies to getting beauty treatments as well.

Feeling comfortable with your doctor or therapist is one of the factors that can make or break your beauty session. Bonding over your effort to start a conversation in their language is a good idea to release some tense and make you more relaxed. And if possible, it’s nice to have interpreters with you especially when you’re getting a more serious treatment like hair transplant. In fact, this can ensure a safe and effective treatment too.

4. Find the place
So you have decided and booked for treatment. What now? You just have to find the place, right? Well, easier said than done. When you are at a new place, wandering around town hoping you could bump into the selected establishment can be overwhelming. Plan ahead by asking your agent, the hotel staff or the locals so you’ll know your routes in advance, and get the best (and cheapest) transport to get there.

If you like to plan ahead, Trambellir also provides a ‘Clinic Information’ section, where you can read through the location of the clinic as well as its landmarks.

5. Chill and relax
Last but not least, the most important tip in getting beauty treatments abroad is to just enjoy every moment of it. Beauty sessions are not something you get to splurge on everyday, and getting it done overseas should feel even more special. When you have done your preparations, all should go smoothly and end well.

If you’re interested in getting your next beauty treatments in other countries (or even your own!), you can be confident in booking with Trambellir. We only provide safe and well-known clinics with no hidden charges.

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