Meso Botox: A Quick Fix For Oily Skin (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)


Perfect solution to treat oily skin. Thus, minimize the appearance of your pores.

By Kath Wong | January 10 2020

Everyone wants glass skin, but it seems nearly impossible for the ones with oily skin or combination skin to achieve that, because often the pores are just too large to appear smooth and soft. This is where meso botox plays an important role. People usually get meso botox treatment to minimize pores and thus reduce the oiliness from the skin.

What Is Meso Botox?
Meso botox is a facial rejuvenation treatment using an injection pathway to transfer meso therapeutic solution and botulinum toxin in high dilution into skin. Given the fact that the botulinum toxin concentration is lower in the case of meso botox, the effect is also different than with applying actual botox itself into a muscle for smoothing out dynamic, mimic wrinkles.

How Is It Different From The Traditional Botox?
Meso botox is similar to Botox but has a huge difference where it is delivered through diluted microdroplets via Micropen (microneedle), Mesotherapy gun, or microinjections after has been premixed with rich antioxidants that are essential for the skin.

While the traditional botox targets the injection right into the muscle layer, meso botox has the purpose to inject the mixture into just the skin surface where oil and sweat glands are located.

Features Of Meso Botox
Meso botox is commonly used to treat the signs of aging. However, it is also able to treat acne problems. More specifically, meso botox is used to:

・Decrease sebum production in oily and sebaceous skins, which in turn helps to improve acne and refine large pores.
・Diminish the pull of facial expression; fine lines and wrinkles that are related to aging skin problems will be treated.
・Block the production of eccrine sweat glands; this enhances a smoother appearance of the skin.
・Rejuvenate and improve the overall health of the skin.

The meso botox procedure is often performed on facial skin, but it can also be performed on the neck, low neckline, as well as inner arms.

Meso Botox is suitable for:

Meso botox is suitable for all skin types. Not just for the women, but this treatment is suitable for men as well. In general, it is suitable for the ones seeking to have a smooth and natural look without any surgical procedures involved.

Are there any risks involved in the meso botox procedure?
With the treatment being a minimally invasive procedure, there are almost zero risks involved. It is known to be one of the safest cosmetic procedures in the market, and complications rarely occur during or after the procedure. Moreover, with a skillful doctor, the treatment can be considered as a risk-free procedure.

Although this treatment does not contain as high concentration of botulinum botox as the traditional botox, it is worth to try for more natural results. Click the link below to know your possibilities and book a treatment:

Meso Botox (Youthful and Wrinkle-free Skin)