Exserendib Ayurveda Cure & Therapy

This traditional authentic health facility is located in the heart of Colombo and only a 3-minute walk away from Cinnamon Red Hotel.

Country Sri Lanka
Clinic Name Exserendib Ayurveda Cure & Therapy
Address 32/8A Flower Rd, Colombo 00700, Sri Lanka
Location Colombo
Language English, Sinhalan, Tamil
Overview If you are seeking comprehensive ayurvedic treatments in Sri Lanka, this is the place to be. Our affiliated clinic provides authentic Ayurvedic treatments experience, ranging from one-day to few days programs, from simple head massage to full body treatments. There are also Ayurveda products for interested customers.
Specialities Ayurveda
Procedures Offered Ayurvedic Treatments & Massages
Services Concierge Service, Airport Taxi Service, Shower Room, Disposable Shorts, Hair Dryer and a few others

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