JK Plastic Surgery

Conveniently located between train stations and supermarkets, our affiliated plastic surgery center is a renowned world-class destination for those who wish to undergo plastic surgery.

Country S.Korea
Clinic Name JK Plastic Surgery
Address JK Plastic Surgery Center, 835, Nohyeon-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Rep. of Korea.
Location Seoul
Language English, Korean
Overview Our affiliated clinic provides customized consultation with board certified specialists who are full of professional experience and years of medical training. They use the best medical systems in Korea by participating in both domestic and international medical conferences and seminars every year and by conducting training programs for international medical professionals. JK Plastic Surgery also uses the International Standard for Aseptic Surgical System (US FEDSTD. 209D). Closed on Sundays and public holidays.
Specialities Anti-Aging, Plasretertic Surgery, Non-Invasive Aesthetic Treatments, Breast Surgery, Facial and Body Contouring
Procedures Offered Services and procedures offered: Specialized Plastic Surgery Centers (Facial Contouring Center, Breast Surgery Center, Anti-aging Center, Eye Surgery Center, Nose Surgery Center, Non-invasive Treatment Center, Body Contouring Center, Hair Transplantation Center, Feminine Surgery Center), Wellness and Rejuvenation Center, Wellness Center and JK Spa & Esthetic, Safe Anesthesia Center (equipment from Germany), Full-time anesthesiologist, pain management specialist, CPR team, and 24/7 nurse team, Esthetic Center, Esthetic Center (Skin Care, Post-operative Swelling Care, Dr. JK Cosmeceuticals), Emergency Medical System (Equipped with heart defibrillator & larynx mask, Cricothyroid incision kit, Emergency kit, Affiliation cooperation system, Centralized monitoring system).
Services Free WiFi, 24 hours emergency unit, Interpreter

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