Intravenous Therapy (High concentration Vitamin C drip) Rejuvenate And Improve Your Skin


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It is suitable for:

・Those travelling to Japan for a holiday or a business trip.
・Those who wish to rejuvanate their skin while whitening it.
・Those who wish to improve their specific skin problems.
・Those who wish to improve their skin in general.
・Those who wish to improve their skin while boosting their immune system.

What is the High Concentration Vitamin C drip?

The High Concertation Vitamin C drip is a intravenous procedure that delivers vitamin C into your body, helping to whiten and moisturize the skin. This will improve skin problems such as spots, wrinkles, acne, pimples and dullness. In addition, this antioxidant-rich drip is effective in inducing fatigue recovery and in boosting immunity, hence maintaining overall health.

Advantages and Limitations of the High Concentration Vitamin C drip:

・Effective rejuvenation/Improvement of skin
・Anti-oxidant effect from Vitamin C in drip
・Procedure takes less than 30 mins
・No recovery period
・Results show soon after
・Whitening takes place from inside out
・Comfortable procedure

・More than one session may be required (to maintain antioxidant-rich effect)
・Potential bruising for a few days (due to drip insertion)

Clinic Information

Clinic Name: Natural Harmony Clinic
Location: Shibuya City, Tokyo
Nearest Station/ Nearest Tourist Destination: Shibuya and Harajuku Station, 11 mins walk to Hachiko Memorial Statue, 18 mins walk to Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel and Restaurant, 18 mins walk to Cosmo Planetarium Shibuya, 5 mins walk to Adidas Originals Flagship Store
Clinic Opening Time: Monday – Saturday (10:00AM – 7:00PM)

Price Vitamin C drip (12.5g): USD197
Vitamin C drip (25g): USD228
Operation Time 30 mins
Recovery Time None
Number of Postoperative Visit Not Required
Hospitalization None
Limitations More than one session may be required (to maintain antioxidant-rich effect).
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