Anti-Aging Facial (Maintain Youthful Skin)


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It is suitable for:

・Those travelling to Phuket for a holiday.
・Those who want to slow down skin aging.
・Those who want to cleanse their face deeply.
・Those who wish to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Anti-Aging Treatments Offered at Our Affiliated Center:

1. Anti-Aging Facial (For Women) (Treatment Time: 55 mins)
Daily exposure to the sun and pollution are one of the main causes of premature aging and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face. Powerful anti-aging ingredients are blended together and using specialized lifting massage techniques, you can achieve more youthful skin.

2. Anti-Aging Facial (For Men) (Treatment Time: 55 mins)
Using an ancient recipe, nourishing plant extracts are combined together with other elements to nourish and hydrate the skin, making it glow. The use of fast-acting ingredients reduces skin sensitivity and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Advantages and Limitations of Anti-Aging Facial Treatments:

・Includes facial analysis by skin experts
・Moisturizes dehydrated skin
・Slows down aging process
・Improves elasticity and circulation
・Allows you to relax and unwind

・Possible post-facial breakouts, which is normal
・Possible redness
・Possible irritation
・Possible scarring

Common Post-Facial Mistakes:

・Over exfoliation
・Over exposure to sun
・Not applying enough sunscreen
・Apply products with strong active ingredients
・Picking at your skin


Q1: Do I have to remove my makeup?
A1: You don’t have to worry about that. Our affiliated specialists will do that for you.

Q2: I have a sensitive skin, will my face look red afterwards?
A2: Please reveal all your face conditions before treatment. Our affiliated specialists will modify the treatments to suit your condition.

Q3: Can I rely on the facials and ignore my home skin care regime?
A3: It is really important for you to maintain your skin care routine. Facials can only be done occasionally, which means you must be more proactive in looking after your skin.

Price Anti Aging Facial (For Her): USD 48
Anti Aging Facial (For Him): USD 48

Operation Time 1 hr
Recovery Time None
Number of Postoperative Visit Not Required
Hospitalization Not Required
Other Information Avoid putting on heavy makeup after treatment.
Cancellation Policy Booking cancellation is not refundable but can be used to claim other treatments offered or reschedule booking at the clinic.

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