Aqua Peel (Smooth, Glowing and Evenly Toned Skin)


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It is suitable for:

・Those travelling to Seoul on a holiday or a business trip.
・Those with acne problems.
・Those with dehydrated and sensitive skin.
・Those who wish to improve skin tone and overall skin hydration.
・Those who wish to treat enlarged pores, dry skin, acne, moderate wrinkles and mild hyperpigmentation.

What is Aqua Peel?

Aqua Peel, also known as skin scaling is a cleansing treatment that enhances facial skin pores. This treatment uses AHA and BHA-infused solutions as well as a suction nozzle to eliminate the blackheads and residue. In addition to eliminating blackheads and facial blemishes, the suction nozzle infuses and saturates your pores with nutrient-rich serums, resulting in a hydrating effect.


Aqua Peel Procedure:

1. Skin debris, blackheads and the like are suctioned using the AHA solutions.
2. Skin oil on the nose, T zone and inside the pores are removed using the BHA solutions.
3. Nutrients-rich serum is applied on the skin.

Advantages and Limitations of Aqua Peel:

・Effectively treats hyperpigmentation, mild acne, enlarged pores and blackheads
・Potent yet painless procedure
・No downtime
・Possible reduction in wrinkles and fine lines

・May cause temporary redness

Cryocell Aqua Peel at our affiliated clinic:

Premium Cryocell Aqua Peel
(Cryocell – Ice Therapy)
・Reduces redness on the skin
・Effective for acne, sensitive skin and atopic dermatitis
・Prevents further acne growth


Q1: I heard this is a pain free facial treatment. Is it true?
A1: Yes, aqua peel is known to be a pain free skin rejuvenation facial. It is designed for all skin types and is especially suitable for those with a low pain threshold.

Q2: I am pregnant / breastfeeding, is it safe for me?
A2: Aqua peel is safe for use while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Clinic Information

Clinic Name: ME Clinic Seoul
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Nearest Station/ Nearest Tourist Destination: 7 mins walking distance to Gangnam-gu Office Subway Station and near Youngdong High School
Clinic Opening Time: Monday & Friday (11:00AM – 8:00PM); Tuesday & Thursday (2:00PM – 8:00PM); Wednesday (11:00AM – 07:00PM); Saturday (11:00AM – 06:00PM)

Price Aqua Peel: USD 53
Premium Cryocell Aquapeel: USD 110
Operation Time 60 mins
Recovery Time None
Number of Postoperative Visit Not Required
Hospitalization Not Required
Other Information Consultation is included in the price.

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