QS Laser + Facial (Remove Treat, Brighten and Rejuvenate)


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It is suitable for:

・Those traveling to Kuala Lumpur for a holiday or a business trip.
・Those who wish to rejuvenate their skin.
・Those who wish to brighten their skin.
・Those who wish to treat the vascular lesions on their body, such as spider veins.
・Those who wish to treat the pigmented lesions on their body, such as age spots, freckles, moles, pimples and acne.
・Those who wish to remove their tattoo(s).

What is the Facial + QS Laser offered at Our Affiliated Clinic?

Our affiliated clinic offers a Facial + QS Laser package, which combines the benefits of both treatments.

The Facial:
• You will go through a soothing facial that aims to hydrate and brighten your skin, resulting in fresher and more youthful skin. The facial procedure includes cleansing, exfoliating with oxygen spray, blackhead extraction and mask application.

The QS Laser:
• Your skin will receive brief and powerful pulses from the QS laser. The powerful laser will help to shatter pigmentation and ink; and will also stimulate collagen, thus providing a rejuvenating effect to your face. Furthermore, the QS laser is capable of killing fungus. Skin brightening is also possible with the QS laser. A typical result from a QS laser procedure is fresh, glowing skin that contains smaller pores and few to no pigmentation.

Our facial procedure includes cleansing, exfoliate oxygen spray etc.


Why QS laser?

The QS laser :
• is powerful. The ability to deliver high energy to target areas of the skin results in effective treatments.
• is brief. The high energy delivered into the skin only stays in the skin for a few nanoseconds, ensuring that surrounding tissues remain unharmed. This results in specific and effective treatments and zero side effects, and therefore no downtime.
• is safe and efficient. The QS laser has been approved by the FDA and WHO.
• is fast. Each QS laser procedure takes less than 15 mins. In addition, only 1 session is recommended every month.


Advantages and Limitations of the Facial + QS Laser at Our Affiliated Clinic:

• 70-90% reduction/lightening of pigmentation and brown spots
• Successful removal of acne scars
• Prevention and treatment of pimples and acne
• Lesser breakouts in the future
• Better oil control
• Brighter skin
• Complete clearance of tattoos (may depend on ink color)
• Skin rejuvenation

• Comfortable procedure (see FAQs)
• Downtime of 3-5 days (dry skin and slight scabbing)



Q1: Will it be painful?
A1: The energy from the QS laser feels like many tiny hot dots on your skin, i.e. a slight burning sensation. The process is very tolerable and pain is minimal. Facial masks and cooling machine can help sooth you throughout the process.

Q2: I understand that there is no downtime, but will there be any side effects?
A2: A mild pinkish flush might be present for about 15 mins after the laser. You can put on makeup immediately after your QS laser treatment and head straight back to work if you wish to do so.

Q3: How do I know if I should not undergo this procedure?
A3: The facial and QS laser procedure at our affiliated clinic is suitable for everybody, except for those with serious acne problems, virus-related skin infection, those with eczema and those who are pregnant.

Clinic Information

Clinic Name: O2 Klinik
Location Name: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Nearest Station/ Nearest Tourist Destination: Walking distance to a nice waterfront and many restaurants, 14 mins drive to IKEA, 15 mins drive to an indoor skydiving park.
Clinic Opening Time: Monday – Saturday (10:00AM – 7:00PM)

Price FACIAL + QS LASER (1 SESSION) + Consultation Fees: USD 224
FACIAL + QS LASER (5 SESSIONS) + Consultation Fees: USD 972
Operation Time 15 mins
Recovery Time Down time of 3-5 days (dry skin and slight scabbing)
Number of Postoperative Visit Not Required
Hospitalization Not Required
Limitations Complete removal of tattoos with deeply intense colors may not be possible.
Redness and slight scabbing (anti-redness cream, hydration mask and sunscreen are recommended for faster recovery).
Other Information The Whitening and Vitamin C drips offered by our affiliated clinic in Kuala Lumpur can also brighten the skin.

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