Spider Web Aesthetic (Effective Non-surgical Facelift)


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It is suitable for:

・Those travelling to Istanbul for a holiday.
・Those with wrinkles, sagging and slight deformation on their faces (lips, mouth and/or eyes).
・Those who wish to remove thin lines.
・Those who wish to remove sagging in their chin and neck areas.
・Those who want to rejuvenate their skin.
・Those with sagging skin on their inner arms, inner legs, stomach, breast, genitals etc.

What is Spider Web Aesthetic?

The Spider Web aesthetic is a non-surgical face lift and a rejuvenation and reformation procedure. It can fix thin lines that tend to become deeper because of bad weather conditions, unhealthy nutritional habits and frequent weight gain and loss. Non-surgical Spider Web aesthetic is inspired by the amazing shape and mechanism of the spider web, which is the strongest and the most flexible structure in nature. It is developed by the best operator of non-surgical aesthetic procedures, who has conducted research and development for this method since the early 2000s. Our affiliated clinic offers 3 types of Spider Web aesthetic, which are the Simple, Moderate and Advanced Spider Web Aesthetic. The main difference between the 3 types of Spider Web Aesthetic is the number of sutures used in the procedure. The Advanced Spider Web Aesthetic uses the highest number of sutures to lift the face.

As a general rule, the Simple and Moderate Spider Web Aesthetic is suitable for those under the age of 30, whilst the Advanced Spider Web Aesthetic is suitable for those 30 years old and above.


Main Principles of Spider Web Aesthetic:

・Polydioxanone threads and thin needles are used for Spider Web aesthetic procedure. These medical threads have no side effects on the body and are woven like a spider web under the skin using very thin needles.

・The main principle of Spider Web Aesthetic, which can be defined as non-surgical thread lift procedure, is an action mechanism that re-stimulates the collagen production of the body to compensate for decreased collagen.
Threads woven into the problematic area also provide a strong lifting effect.

・The body reacts to the threads and immediately starts producing biological fibroblast, collagen and elastin. This helps to double
the lifting effect. The skin becomes rejuvenated, reformed and tightened.

Why Spider Web Aesthetic is highly preferred?

People who have Spider Web aesthetic state that they prefer this method because it “successfully achieves skin lift with a simple application” without interrupting their social lives and allowing putting on makeup right after the procedure. Skin starts rejuvenating immediately after the Spider Web aesthetic procedure and maintains its development depending on the skin type, nutritional habits and current age. Apparently, which provides the best results among non-surgical face rejuvenation techniques, is a fast and modern application that does not detach the patient from the social life and does not cause any potential complications like swelling and bruising of surgical procedures.

How is Spider Web Aesthetic performed?

1. Your skin is cleaned.
2. Topical anesthesia is applied to the skin.
3. Threads are woven like a web under your skin using thin needles on the problematic areas. Areas are determined during examination.
4. After the specified amount of threads are placed, your skin is cleaned for the second time.

What comes after Spider Web Aesthetic?

After the procedure, no bandage or medical dressing is required. As the procedure is performed under sterile
conditions, there will not be any risk of infection. Your body will form its own collagen web around the location where
the PDO threads have been placed. The threads will dissolve within 6 months and lifting mechanism will start. Patience is required during this period. You will continue to experience rejuvenation, tightening and reduction of wrinkles on your skin.

You will also be advised to:
• Consume food and beverages that will support your collagen production. For example, green vegetables, fruits and
vegetables with vitamin A and C.
• Use cold compresses to prevent possible swelling.
• Protect your skin from sunlight. The skin must be protected against harmful rays at all times to avoid getting damaged.
• Apply the cream prescribed by our clinic or your usual and high-quality moisturizing creams.
• Only use hygienic makeup materials after the procedure. Ensure that makeup tools
such as brushes are clean.


Q1: Can another application be performed in combination with Spider Web Aesthetic?
A1: Depending on the condition and needs of the patient, botox, filling or fat transfer methods can be added. This application
can also be performed before frequently used laser treatments. Use of spider web technique in combination with implant and fat transfer, which are used for breast beautification and butt augmentation procedures, can provide excellent results.

Q2: Which anesthesia method is used?
A2: In Spider Web Technique, generally local anesthesia is performed by applying a special cream to the skin. However, in cases
where more than 100 PDO threads are required, it is preferred to be performed under sedation in operation room conditions.

Q3. For which part of the body can Spider Web Aesthetic be applied?
A3: Not only the face area, Spider Web Aesthetic can be performed for all skin tissues that are inclined for sagging or loosened
due to deformation. Inner thighs, hips and butt, inner arm, stomach, breast and vagina can be reformed by Spider Web Aesthetic.

Q4: How many sessions are required for Spider Web Aesthetic?
A4: The number of sessions and their intervals are determined by the current condition of the skin. On average, 2 to 3 sessions will be helpful for maximum recovery of the skin.

Q5: What are the age group can have Spider Web Aesthetic?
A5: Regardless of man or woman, Spider Web Aesthetic can be performed in 30s when first indistinct lines start to form and
until 50s when the skin needs correction.


Clinic Information

Clinic Name: Estetik International
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Clinic Opening Time: Monday – Friday (9:00AM – 5:00PM), Saturday (9:00AM – 2:00PM)

Price 1. Spider Web (Simple): USD 1,620
2. Spider Web (Moderate): USD 3,126
3. Spider Web (Moderate) + Fat Injection: USD 5,010
4. Spider Web (Advanced): USD 3,126
5. Spider Web (Advanced) + Fat Injection: USD 5,010
Operation Time 90 - 120 mins
Recovery Time None
Number of Postoperative Visit On average, 2 to 3 sessions will be helpful for maximum recovery of the skin.
Hospitalization Not Required
Limitations None
Other Information ・The number of sessions and their intervals are determined by the current condition of the skin.
・Minimum duration to stay in hotel: 1 night (Spider Web (Advanced)).
・Minimum duration to stay in hotel: 0 nights (Spider Web (Moderate, Simple)).
The following are included in the price: Anesthesia (if needed), Compression garments (if needed), Medical Tests, Medications, Pre- & Post-Operative
Online Consultation, Personal Consultant. English and Arabic interpreters are available.
Cancellation Policy Hotel arrangement will be prepared 1 week before. Last minute cancellation will not be refundable.

※Price include Tax

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