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10 Self-Care Tips to Practice During Quarantine

What should you be doing when being put in quarantine?

By Afrina Ghazali | December 17th, 2021

Since the first onset of COVID-19, a lot of things have changed in our lives. Things have slowly gotten better now after vaccinations roll out in most countries. The good thing about vaccinations is that the number of death rates due to the COVID-19 has decreased and cases are under better control. It helps save people's lives from being severely and fatally affected. However, the effects of being on a long period of isolation and quarantine can really challenge one's mental and physical health.

According to many healthcare experts, a lot of people are suffering a great deal of mental and physical pain especially when they are socially restricted. This is the reason why self-care is really important to help you feel less stressed and more resilient. World Health Organization defined self-care as the behaviours you do to take care of your own health and this can include hygiene, nutrition, sports, exercise, leisure activities, seeking professional healthcare services when needed and much more. 

It can be tough to control what is around you right now, but you have the choice to make yourself be in control of your health and other needs. We have decided to share some pointers, so here are some tips of the things you can do while staying in:

1. Set and Follow a Routine

Did you know that good health is a result of good planning? Yes, that is why setting your daily routine is important. You can start by simply fixing your wake up time and bedtime, and then work on scheduling other things in between.

Following the routine is another thing and it can be quite a challenge if you are the type of person who prefers spontaneous plans but you should give this a try once in a while. It helps you manage time well and avoid any unnecessary stress. Who knows, you may find this a better option to be more productive in life once your isolation period ends?

2. Eat and Drink Well

Your source of food may be limited due to the movement restrictions but that does not mean you should eat mindlessly. Getting nutritious food is important especially in a critical time when you have to stay in due to positively being infected by the COVID-19 virus. If it is time for you to do some grocery shopping, order it online so you could cook a hearty meal for yourself. In case that may take a while, call in for some Grab food to be sent in front of your door - remember, there is a variety of restaurant selections out there so make sure the food you order is healthy!

Also, make sure you drink enough water to prevent dehydration. Do you know how much water your body needs? If you don't, studies say the optimum amount of water you need a day is equivalent to roughly about 1 litre for every 30kg you weigh. For example, if you weigh 60kg then you would need around 2 litres a day; at 90kg, you would need around 3 litres a day and so on.

3. Get Enough Sleep and Rest

Good quality sleep helps improve your immune system and overall health. The best is when you could get around 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. By ensuring you have ample undisturbed time sleeping means you get to have adequate rest daily. Apart from that, good nights sleep can also:

  • Regulate Blood Sugar

  • Reduce Stress

  • Help You Lose Weight

  • Improve Your Memory

  • Repair Your Body

4. Exercise

Run a few laps on the stairs, follow the rope-skipping trend, meditate on yoga sessions or choose between Tabata or Zumba; the choice is in your hands. Choose whichever you like doing because practising good exercises is a must, not only can it help you reduce stress, but it can also improve mood, boost energy, promote good quality sleep as well as combat health conditions and diseases.

On the days when you might feel a little more tired than other days, you can also consider breathing exercise as an option. It is a good practice especially for those tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. Apart from having the benefits that can help improve your blood pressure, it can strengthen your cardiovascular muscle and encourage your nervous system to relax and restore your lung function.

5. Know When to Connect and Disconnect 

Stuck in quarantine, it is good to socially connect with your family and friends online. Apart from giving you updates on how it's like outside, they can be the constant reminder that reminds you of the reason you need to keep it going. Studies believe that staying connected with your loved ones works wonders to keep your mental health checked.

However, too much news consumption and unlimited screening time can be bad for your health. Hence, it is very important for you to be in equilibrium. Manage your time well; connect and disconnect whenever necessary.

6. Get Fresh Air

If you are in isolation, you may find it suffocating because fresh air is one of the things that you are limited to. At times like that, don't you just wish you could walk outside and let the breeze sweep through your face? But that is just not possible during your quarantine period. Please follow the quarantine guidelines and continue staying at home. For the time being, you can open your windows and let the wind in or you could invest in a good air purifier. Remember, a good ventilation system can have a positive impact on your health and overall well-being.

7. Build a Positive Mindset

The only thing that can get in your way is yourself. That's why you play a crucial role in building your mindset. If you want to be rich, it starts with you. If you want to be healthy, it also starts with you. Learn that self-care can be really rewarding - first, you must practice positive habits and have a good perspective about yourself. 

A little tip for you is: set positive affirmations such as "I am great! I am divine! I am enough! I have enough!", "I can do this! I am unstoppable" or anything similar to hype your energy every morning. It is believed to help you concentrate on self-love and it can also:

  • Make you focus on your goals

  • Motivate you to act

  • Believe in yourself

  • Change negative thoughts into positive ones

  • Boost your self-confidence

  • Influence your subconscious mind

  • Counter the feelings of panic, stress and self-doubt

8. Find a New Interest or Get a New Hobby

Thank you for the lockdowns, with more time spent at home, some people have only recently discovered that they are good at baking, some people suddenly realised they have green fingers, some others have only learnt they love reading, some find it really peaceful to draw and many other exciting self-discoveries.

This is a good time for you to be creative and explore your hidden talents. Have you found yours yet?

9. Do At Least One Thing You Love Daily

To some, it can be really tough being "locked-in" that they can even develop depression or anxiety along the way. However, you must keep in mind that you are not alone and it can be helped. Although you are limited to a lot of outdoor and social activities, there are so many other activities that you can busy yourself with. 

If you love watching movies, why not binge Netflix from 2 PM to 5 PM. If you enjoy learning a new language, you might want to subscribe to a crash course that you could attend online. If you find it relaxing to play some video games, spend a good 2 to 3 hours on it a day to reward yourself. If you love dancing, this is the time for you to step up your dance moves onto another level. Ehh, we won't tell you what to do. It's entirely your decision to call.

10. Treat Yourself

Keep in mind that everything shall pass and you can be free soon. To pass the isolation challenges in a breeze is not something easy but you will make it.

Reward yourself with a limited edition Gucci handbag. Is that too much to ask? Well then, maybe you can book a hotel to stay in for a few days or book relaxing treatments to indulge yourself. Who doesn't love a good treat? 

Here's a suggestion on a few treatments you would surely love after staying in for so long:

Spa and Wellness 

Facial and Cosmetic Dermatology 

Beauty Drip and Injection 


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