About Company

Trambellir Sdn Bhd(1286513-X)

Travel beyond Food and Sightseeing.

Enrich your itinerary with treatments for your health, wellness and beauty.

New norm of Things to Do at travel destinations.

Trambellir means


Travel + make yourself beautiful

(Coined words: meaning) Make yourself beautiful when traveling

It’s a new word that we created.

While traveling, to make your heart more beautiful,

We also provide accurate informations for your body in order for you to maintain health and beauty.

Corporate Mission Statement of Trambellir

When it comes to Medical Tourism, people still conjure up images of intractable diseases and difficult operations.

But our ideal is that everyone can take medical treatments from Daily Beauty Drip to Advanced Cancer Treatments,

more casually, anywhere and anytime the travelers wish to.

What we are pursuing is democracy of medical tourism,

with the way of Direct to Patients model and Cash-pay healthcare online marketplace for diffusion to make medical tourism popular.

That’s how Trambellir innovating right now in medical tourism with OTA strategy for social-good of future world.

In a world where healthy people can not casually receive various medical treatments overseas,

how patients who is depressed with serious illness and disease can consider to take treatments in overseas far from home?

Our goal is that

We are making the world of Medical Tourism more casual and easier for everyone around the world.










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