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How Trambellir innovate your next trip

Travel beyond Food and Sightseeing

We cover most exciting cities around region and easy to find and compare unique travel inventories which are not just an ordinary activities & tours at your destinations.

Enrich your itinerary with treatments for your health, wellness and beauty

Thousands of new norm of “Things to Do” are now available for everyone. Add health checkup, teeth whitening, beauty IV drip, cosmetic dermatology, Yoga, Ayurveda, Fitness programs, healing therapy, regenerative medicine to advanced medical care on your itinerary.

Enhance your Medical holidays

Our trusted partner medical institutions and wellness centers are well experienced to welcoming international customers from all over the world. Interpreter will be arranged when our customers need support on the ground. 24/7 emergency support by co-founding doctor of Trambellir.

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I had a treatment in Japan. They had been very helpful.
Asked many questions before I travel but they respond quick and professional!
I recommend Trambellir!

- Stella

Quick response and they provide lots of information which are very helpful.
They help to find and communicate with different facilities.
Thank you for your support.

- Alice

would 100% recommend Trambellir.
They have the best service, their response was quick and felt really well looked after.

- Natalie

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