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Trambellir Stands with Ukraine

Here's our stand on the current Ukraine crisis

By CEO of Trambellir, So Iizuka | March 30th, 2022

Over the past few weeks we have been alarmed by yet another humanitarian catastrophe spiraling in Ukraine. Trambellir, a medical related company whose vision is to support people’s wellbeing and wellness all around the world, is really concerned by the news.


With partners, customers, and friends from over the world, including Ukraine, Trambellir now stands in line to officially support the healthcare of Ukraine citizens and stand for human rights as clearly stated in our values. 

Apart from declaring our concern, we have also taken this as part of our CSR and made a donation to the Medicart Project to provide a Mobile Medical Clinic in Ukraine to support the efforts to treat civilian casualties in Ukraine. Standing firm by our corporate philosophy, everything that we are, we will always support peace, health and safety. We believe that Medical care should be delivered to everyone in the world equally at the time they need.


The Medicart Project is designed to facilitate medical treatment delivery in disaster situations and now on the ground in response to the current crisis ongoing in Ukraine especially in areas where access to roads, gasoline and power is impossible. 


Medicarts are known to be the world’s only fully portable human powered and mobile medical clinic. The medicarts are compact, easily transported and can reach even the remotest outposts to provide front-line medical services.

Medicarts support and is capable to facilitate different functions, including:

  • Primary medical care

  • Immunisations

  • Sexual and reproductive health

  • Health promotion and prevention

  • Women’s health

  • Dental treatments

Although it is not much, we have unanimously agreed to do what we can do and will also continue to explore how Trambellir can make a difference as an organisation.


So Iizuka

CEO of Trambellir