A Breakthrough Solution for Language Barriers in Medical Tourism in Malaysia

A CSR Collaboration between Pocketalk, Trambellir and MHTC

By Afrina Ghazali | December 1st, 2022


KUALA LUMPUR, 1 DECEMBER 2022 — Trambellir has taken the initiative to collaborate with Pocketalk and engage with its respected partner, Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council, MTHC, and its member hospitals. The two organisations share similar objectives and interests and want to facilitate better experiences for all parties involved, particularly in the medical tourism industry. 

At the MHTC 2023 Members Day at the Pullman KLCC this morning, 30 Pocketalk translation devices were donated to MHTC in support of their mission to give every healthcare traveller entering the country a seamless and memorable experience. Mohd Daud Mohd Arif, CEO of MHTC, So Iizuka, Co-Founder and CEO of Trambellir Sdn. Bhd., and Tsutomu Ishiyama, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer of Pocketalk participated in the official event for handing over the devices, which was also attended by members of MHTC's member hospitals.


Since the official partnership between Trambellir and MHTC that was formed in July this year, this is the first collaboration initiated by Trambellir with the goal to provide the best service solutions in complementing enhanced experience for the international patients coming into Malaysia and at the same time improve the country’s economy. Trambellir believes that Pocketalk would be the best tool to support and help break through the struggles to communicate. This event has substantially struck a leaping milestone of Trambellir’s partnership journey with MHTC.

In order to address the issues with language barriers between medical personnel and patients from other countries, Trambellir recently teamed with Pocketalk, the largest provider and developer of software, hardware, and IoT devices in Japan. A portable AI-based real-time language translation tool called Pocketalk eliminates communication gaps across 75 distinct spoken languages.

Co-Founder and CEO of Trambellir Sdn Bhd, So Iizuka said, “Every journey spots play an important role to ensure our patients have valuable and seamless experience throughout and it’s hard to deny that  one of the most crucial parts of our patients’ journey involves their experience at the medical institutions, if not others. In most cases, language has become a huge barrier between the healthcare professionals, locals and our patients. Therefore, we believe that Pocketalk would be the best tool to address patients’ challenges with language and simultaneously improve their overall experience in Malaysia.”

According to Mohd Daud Mohd Arif, CEO of MHTC, "One of the distinctive features of healthcare in Malaysia has always been communication ease. Together with all of our stakeholders, as part of our efforts to further strengthen the Malaysia Healthcare ecosystem, we are constantly enhancing every touchpoint along the patient journey to ensure that patient centricity continues to be at the forefront of providing a seamless end-to-end healthcare travel journey. Today significantly represents a step forward for Malaysia Healthcare in this area, allowing healthcare travellers to enjoy improved ease of communication across the different touchpoints in our ecosystem, particularly in a hospital environment.”

“We believe that this initiative is a start to making Malaysia at a superior advantage in the industry, especially in terms of market share and competitive edge. We are optimistic that with improved communication, more markets will be drawn into the healthcare services in this country and this is part of our effort to increase market penetration as we are entering 2023,” added So Iizuka.

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