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All You Must Know About PicoDiscovery Laser

PicoDiscovery Laser: Treatment for Skin Rejuvenation, Pigmentation and Tattoo Removal.

By Kath Wong | July 30th, 2021

Skin pigmentation often becomes the main problem to our skin as we are repeatedly exposed to sunlight and it is almost inevitable in our daily lives.

Although It is simply the process where the skin is darkened due to excessive melanin (pigmented cells) production, unfortunately, this causes uneven skin tone as pigmentation occurs in the form of various unpleasant spots, such as sunspots, melasma, freckles as well as age spots.

While we may think that age spots would only appear as we age, UVA and UVB rays nowadays have the effect to contribute 90% of premature aging - which means it is possible for us to get those spots even when we are still young and feeling intact. It is undeniable that random pigmentation can make us look older and no longer lively as we should be; luckily, there are cosmetic dermatology treatments that can help. One of the treatments available is Discovery Pico medical laser.

Discovery PICO Laser (PicoDiscovery Laser) is one of the highly effective laser technology for treating skin issues that are caused by sun damage as well as birthmarks and no-longer-wanted tattoos.

How Does It Work?

PicoDiscovery Laser, as the name suggests, works within “picosecond”. The skin area that needs to be treated will be targeted with Laser pulses, and this would heat up the deeper layers of the skin where the pigments accumulate.

As the pigmented cells absorb the laser light, the light will vibrate and fragmentation will begin to do the key role to break up the targeted particles into thin dust and the overall process will be done in “picosecond” pulses, ensuring lesser time for skin to heat up and lesser risks of hyper-pigmentation (the opposite effect of what we want).

Advantages of PicoDiscovery Laser:

  • Safe

  • Simple, fast procedure

  • Comfortable

  • Directly treats the area of concern without damaging other cells

  • Works in "picosecond" pulses

Safety & Side Effects:

PicoDiscovery Laser is non-invasive as it is a non-surgical treatment. The procedure is safe as it works targeting selected skin area with specific wavelengths, leaving the surrounding area undamaged. With its unique feature of working by picosecond pulses, it is ensured that no further unexpected damage would be done to the skin while undergoing the healing process.

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