Beauty Tips: Ways To Get Rid of Eye Bags

When eye bags go all dark and puffy.

By Kath Wong | May 26th, 2023

As we grow older, we might start to notice more changes on ourselves. There are things that might have always been there but we just weren’t grown enough to bother, for example, the bags under the eyes.

Eye bags are one of the most common problems people are facing each day. Although there are a large number of products that claim to help in de-puffing and lightening the area under the eyes, they don’t always work. In fact, for the case which the eye bags and dark circles are genetically inherited, the only natural long-term solution available for you is to drink water regularly and make a few lifestyle changes.

Eye bags come in many different forms which vary from one to another. Some have puffy undereyes and some just have dark eye circles that appear like a puff. In this article, no matter which type of eye bags you are dealing with, we have some tips that could help.

Here's what you can do:

1. Apply tea bags

Caffeinated tea bags are more useful than just for steeping and sipping the tea. The caffeine in tea contains powerful antioxidants that could help to slow the aging process and increase blood flow to your skin. When it is used under your eyes it helps to deal with dark circles as well as the puffy eye bags. In a more specific manner, green tea has been studied to have a potential for anti-inflammatory effects - this could help to reduce the puffiness effectively.

2. Use cold compress

On the days where eye bags seem to be too puffier or darker than usual, temporary solution such as cold compress can help to manage blood constriction under the eyes quickly. This can be done using chilled teaspoon, cool cucumber, wet washcloth and even a bag of frozen veggies.

3. Keep your head elevated while you sleep

Elevating your head helps to prevent the fluid pooling under your eyes that creates puffiness while you sleep. If propping up your head hurts your neck or you can’t fall asleep, you may also consider elevating the entire top end of your bed by a few inches.

4. Cut salty foods out

Salt contributes to your body’s fluid retention, hence this can build up puffiness all over you, including the bags under your eyes. It is advised to consume just the right amount of salt per day as this could also cause other health issues such as heart disease and stroke.

5. You got to stay hydrated to keep things going

Water contributes about 60 percent to your body weight. Without water, dehydration can limit the metabolism in your body and thus this may affect your overall blood circulation throughout your body. Keeping yourself hydrated is like adding fuel to keep the engine going, it is the most essential and the least you could do.

6. Other Alternative - Permanent Treatments:

There are also a number of cosmetic surgeries available these days that get rid of the eye bags that bother you. Regardless of it being a surgical procedure, most treatments nowadays give a natural finish.

Eyebag Removal Treatments

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