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Can You Travel to Thailand during COVID-19?

Travel worry-free during this raging pandemic to the Land of Smiles with Alternative Quarantine Programs!

By Afrina Ghazali | February 16th, 2021

Since the pandemic hit early 2020, all borders have been shut as a measure to control the rise in COVID-19 cases until recently, there have been numbers of countries announcing the official re-opening of their borders for travel, tourist and some, for medical purposes. After almost a year of dormancy, every country has been greatly affected as the tourism industry has geared down to almost none, this time Thailand is certainly one of the countries to make a comeback and level up their economy!

For avid travellers around the world out there, who especially have been wondering when will you be able to pack your bags and start travelling to Thailand, here are the things you must know:


Can everyone travel to Thailand?

Although Thai government has announced re-opening international borders, it is also understandable that now only selected tourists can be allowed entry under strict protocols and heavy documentation. These are the groups of travellers who can enter Thailand:

  1. Thai nationals

  2. Persons with exemption or permitted by the Prime Minister 

  3. Persons on diplomatic or consular missions

  4. Carriers of necessary goods  with immediate return after completion

  5. Crew members on a mission into the Kingdom and have a specified date for return

  6. Non-Thai nationals who are a spouse, parents or children of Thai nationals

  7. Non-Thai nationals who own a certificate of residence in the Kingdom including spouse and children

  8. Non-Thai nationals who have a work permit including spouse and children

  9. Non-Thai nationals who are students of educational institutions approved by Thai authorities

  10. Non-Thai nationals who are in need of medical treatment in Thailand including no more than 3 attendants

  11. Non-Thai nationals who are permitted to enter the Kingdom under special arragement with a foreign country


Are Non-Thai nationals referred to everyone from any other foreign countries?

Non-Thai nationals who are allowed for entry are those from the countries as listed below:

** Updated as of 16th February 2021

The Tourism Authority of Thailand has only recently introduced a 90-days Thailand Special Tourist Visa (STV) especially for long-stay tourists. However, STV will only be granted for those coming in from a list of allowed countries as mentioned above.


What kind of documentation must be prepared?

If you made it on the list above, it is about time for you to prepare the documentation as follows:

  1. Health certificate showing negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test results issued no more than 72 hours before travelling

  2. Certificate of entry

  3. Fit to Fly certificate

  4. Certificate from the Thai Embassy / Thai Consulate

  5. COVID-19 Health Insurance (at least 100,000 USD coverage)

  6. Approval letter on ASQ by the Thai authorities

  7. Post-quarantine accommodation details for the entire duration of stay

  8. Travel Insurance

Other groups of travellers may be requested additional supporting documentation that can be referred here.


What is ASQ / AHQ?

Even if you are visiting from a low risk countries to Thailand, 14 days quarantine will still be mandatory. Apart from having yourself covered with COVID-19 Insurance as part of the entry requirement, ASQ / AHQ reservation will also be required upon entering.

Alternative State Quarantine, ASQ and Alternative Hospital Quarantine, AHQ are especially packaged for those foreign travellers to comply to the 14 days quarantine that has been set as compulsory requirement upon entering the Kingdom by the Thai government.

With this, travelling or receiving medical treatments in Thailand is possible as long as you are qualified with the conditions stated and are covid-free before entering as well as after undergoing quarantine successfully once you arrived in the country.

At our affiliated hospital, Bangpakok 9 International Hospital, the Alternative Hospital Quarantine package is available for those of you who have complied to and provided sufficient documentation as previously stated as an early measure to receive medical treatments or travel freely around the country.

If you wish to go for a more relaxing with a staycation vibe kind of quarantine, you can also opt for ASQ at the hotels connected with our affiliated hospital:



If you are still unsure, why not we take a look at a few example of cases?

Case 1: A man who wish to get married in Thailand but wishes to go for a cheaper quarantine program via AHQ, will that be possible?

Although normally, those without any medical needs will choose ASQ, opting for AHQ is also possible. However, you must be in a treatment plan as simple as having gone through a medical checkup program. Our affiliate hospital will then proceed to Thailand Health Government for approval.

Case 2: A Thai lady who shows potential symptoms and wish to quarantine herself, can she go through AHQ staycation style at the hospital?

Similar to the previous Case 1, our affiliated hospital, BPK9 International Hospital can provide her a treatment plan to receive an approval from the Thailand Health Government.

Case 3: A man from London who is healthy and have no health issues wishes to undergo an aesthetic procedure at BPK9 International Hospital, will the hospital be helpful with his travel and quarantine process?

Our affiliate hospital can process his travel and quarantine matters via AHQ provided that he meets all requirement that has been guided by the Thai government and that includes the country he is from. If in this case, those coming in from London are yet to be listed on the allowed list.

Case 4: As soon as a lady from Malaysia reaches BPK9 via AHQ for a face lift, can the surgery be performed right away?

No, she must first be required to finish up her 14 days of quarantine via AHQ unless specifically permitted by the specialist along with the second swab test that shows a negative result.

Case 5: Is it possible to have a mixed mode quarantine, first half with AHQ another half with ASQ?

No, there is no such thing as a mixed mode quarantine during AHQ, unless the patient goes to Thailand using the ASQ process and he has been tested positive for Covid 19, he will immediately be transferred to our facility to receive treatment and complete his quarantine for 14 days.