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Carboxytherapy: Ultimate Solution to Cellulite and Stretch Marks

Enough worrying about your grotesque skin.

By Afrina Ghazali | December 10th, 2021

Maybe right now you feel that it is an understatement to say just how disgusted you are with your flabby stretched skin every time you look at yourself in front of the mirror. Everyone especially women would want to have the perfect body and that includes perfect skin too, be it in texture, moisture and tone as well.

The ones who would usually be trapped in this dilemma are those who either have lost or gained a lot of pounds in the past few months or years or those who have recently or experienced giving birth; the majority of which will be most likely to complain of this situation. If you are currently experiencing it, this is where carboxytherapy may come in handy for you.

What is Carboxytherapy?

Carboxytherapy is a non-surgical treatment that originated in French Spas in the 1930s with an objective to treat cellulite, stretch marks as well as dark under-eye circles. This treatment is relatively painless and employs injections or transdermal application to utilize the infusions of Carbon Dioxide under your skin. Other than the aforementioned purpose, studies have demonstrated and proven that carboxytherapy can also:

1. Improve skin elasticity and blood circulation

2. Encourage collagen repair

3. Improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

4. Destroy localized fatty deposits

5. Treat alopecia or hair loss caused by poor circulation

Apart from that, patients reported that it is efficient and convenient as the procedure is relatively quick; the treatment can be done in 15 to 30 mins time and you will have no problem in returning to your normal routines immediately after. However, you must refrain from swimming and bathing for at least 24 hours after cellulite or fat reduction treatment.

How Does It Work?

As everyone knows, your body cells release carbon dioxide as waste; red blood cells are responsible to absorb the oxygen you inhale and carrying it to the tissues then picking up carbon dioxide to be exhaled by your lungs. Well, we have far past that part.

Studies suggest that blood circulation can be increased at a specific area by injecting carbon dioxide as it will cause your red blood cells to rush to that area. When that happens, an increase of blood circulation that is in charge to repair skin elasticity, repairing pigmentation and boosting collagen production will take place.


Cellulite is usually caused by the protrusion of subcutaneous fat into your skin. When carbon dioxide is injected into the cellulite area, fat cells will then burst and will be eliminated by your body.

Stretch Marks:

What causes the stretch marks you see on your body is the occurring of dermal collagen rupture. So, when carboxytherapy is introduced in that area, new collagen will be produced, simultaneously thicken your skin and enhancing its appearance.

Dark Under Eyes: Vascular pooling is the result of poor circulation under your eyes that appears as dark circles around your eyes. By performing carboxytherapy under the eyelid, bluish pooling is reduced and replaced with a blush tone, resulting in a healthy glow.

Is it safe?

In terms of safety, carboxytherapy is FDA-Approved and is considered a relatively safe procedure with almost no lasting side effects. Just like every other treatment with its pros and cons, carboxytherapy may cause bruising at the injection site but will usually fade within a week. Some may experience itchiness for a few minutes, some may feel a warm and tingly sensation at the treated area but all that will usually subside within 24 hours.

Will you do it? If you ask us, we think you should. Browse through carboxytherapy and other similar treatments:

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