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Collaboration Initiative between MHTC, Pocketalk and Trambellir

Announcement: By So Iizuka (Co-Founder/CEO) | September 28th, 2022


We are delighted to announce that we, Trambellir, SourceNext and MHTC agreed and to start the donation of AI pocket translator device known as the “Pocketalk” to Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council under Ministry of Health in Malaysia, and its member medical institutions and MHTC’s concierge center at KLIA, KLIA2 and Penang International Airport. 


This is a first collaboration Initiative under partnership between Trambellir and MHTC to promote Malaysia as medical travel destination to Japan market and beyond.

Through the collaboration, we Trambellir, SourceNext and MHTC to provide the best service solutions and most importantly, improve customer experience at the venue.

It’s undeniable that one of the most crucial parts of our customer journey involves their experience at the medical institutions and we believe that Pocketalk would be the best tool to support and help break through our customers’ language barrier challenges.

Trambellir is innovating the medical tourism industry and leading wellness travel domain. The Sourcenext Group and Trambellir are committed to continue supporting the people's healthcare and health management for SDGs.



Pocketalk™ is a portable and AI-based real-time language translation device developed by Sourcenext that overcomes language barriers and bridges the gaps between currently 75 different spoken languages (55 of which are spoken and written languages; another 20 are text-only). The integrated SIM card provides functionality in over 130 countries - at no additional cost. With more than 900,000 devices sold worldwide, Pocketalk is manufactured and distributed by Sourcenext, the largest provider and developer of software, hardware and IoT products in Japan.


About MHTC

First initiated and established in 2005 by the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH), MHTC carries the mandate as the country’s curator for the healthcare travel scene. Tasked to facilitate and promote the healthcare travel industry of Malaysia, MHTC helps coordinate the industry and collaborate to build valuable partnerships locally and globally.

To push Malaysia as the leading global healthcare destination as their vision, they aim to promote the healthcare of the country globally and at the same time facilitate the sustainability of the industry. Today, MHTC continues with its mandate of raising Malaysia’s profile as a leading provider of quality healthcare for global citizens.


About Trambellir

Trambellir is an online marketplace for wellness holiday activities that mainly aim to ease medical, wellness and beauty treatments' booking procedures all over the world. This way one can simply book various kinds of treatments whenever and wherever they are with just a simple click. Trambellir's missions aim to:


  •      ✓ Enrich your itinerary with treatments for your health, wellness and beauty

  •      ✓ Enhance your medical tourism experience 

  •      ✓ Travel beyond food and sightseeing