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Fire and Ice Facial Treatment

The well known Red-Carpet Facial for flawless skin achievement

By Kath Wong | January 15th, 2020

The idea of having instant glowing and youthful skin has always been everyone’s dream; but with different skin types, many of us have probably spent quite a lot of time undergoing trial and error sessions just to find the particular facial treatment that suits our skin the most.

There are various facial treatments available out there focusing on different skin conditions, including this particular non-invasive skin resurfacing procedure known as  Fire And Ice Facial Treatment.

What is Fire And Ice Facial Treatment?

Fire And Ice Facial Treatment is famous for its effect in resurfacing the skin rapidly and gently, which reduces wrinkles and fine lines while encouraging cellular renewal at the same time. It is a multi-step treatment that involves deep cleansing of the skin and application of a resurfacing mask, rejuvenating mask, serums, and moisturizers. With the function of cell renewal, the overall results that can be noticed after the treatment is a more brightened, softened, and tightened skin. 

Unlike other skin resurfacing treatments, Fire And Ice Facial do not require downtime; impressively, no peeling will be experienced after the session as well. The procedure is excellent for all skin types, but ideal for blemish-prone skin as it helps to deal with dark spots and hyperpigmentation effectively. 

The Procedure

From its name you could have guessed that the procedure for Fire And Ice Facial Treatment has got something to do with heat followed by skin soothing afterwards. That’s right - this unique combination is known in short as ‘Resurfacing and Rejuvenating’. The skin resurfacing mask has a light cinnamon scent, formulated with botanical acids, retinol, niacin, along with antioxidants and kaolin clay which gives out some tingling heat when it is applied onto your skin. With the slight burning sensation experience that lasts around 3 to 5 minutes, your skin will feel completely cleansed and refreshed as it undergoes the exfoliation to renew and reveal the softer and smoother skin texture with brighter complexion. 

Once the ‘Fire’ treatment step has been done, it is then time for the ‘Ice’ part. The deep hydration cooling mask contains hyaluronic acid, aloe vera gel, green tea extracts, grape seed extracts, as well as rosemary extracts; well-formulated mainly to soothe and rejuvenate your skin. This is the 20 minutes skin pampering part to help cool the initial ‘peel’ which also enhances the skin glowing effect. After that, serum, moisturizer as well as sunscreen will be applied accordingly to complete the facial treatment session. 

Things To Do Before And After 

As the ingredients used for the mask contain retinol and botanical acids, it is highly advised to not use any products with similar formulations especially anything with retinol and acids 5 days before and after the Fire And Ice Facial Treatment.

Moreover, the ones who have just done waxing or laser treatments recently should not opt in for this facial session anytime soon to avoid any skin wounds or complications. Avoid picking, squeezing acne, or touching your skin. The skin has its own natural healing mechanism that has been triggered effectively by the mask, time must be given for it to form new cells for the better complexion.

Furthermore, It is best to also avoid wearing heavy makeup or using highly chemical or perfumed products. A total series of 6 treatment sessions is recommended with 4 to 6 weeks gap for the ideal results. Last but not least, do remember to apply sunscreen daily to protect your skin!

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