Hair Loss Myths You Might Have Heard

What can really cause your hair to lose? Is it true, all the things people say?

By Afrina Ghazali | June 17th, 2022

Hair loss can be frustrating especially for men as it's widely known to be the men's crown. A lot of people have come up with reasons why you could go bald and I am sure you must have heard a few. Ladies and gents, some statements can be trusted, but should you believe the hearsays you might have come across bluntly?

Why it happens, when it happens, who it happens to, this article will straigthen out a few most popularly misunderstood beliefs about hair loss.

Myth 1: "Wearing hats too often can lose your hair?"

Most assumptions stick out the idea that scalps need to be aired out to "breathe". Do you think that's true? It's not.

It's true that our hair needs oxygen but the supply comes from our bloodstream, not the surrounding air. Imagine how much hair women with headscarfs would have lost by now if this statement is true. So go on ahead and wear whatever your heart desires. Caps or hats, they won't affect hair growth or cause your hair to fall off.

Myth 2: "Once bald, forever bald man!"

Hold on there. Not all hair loss are permanent. You need to seek out professional advise before believing this. Hair loss is commonly associated with genetic conditions that could cause male pattern baldness. But not all hair loss is like that.

It could be caused by other factors as well, such as, hormonal changes, illnesses, eating disorders or certain trauma. So if these were to happen to be the cause of your hair loss, good news then, it's temporary.

Myth 3: "Stop stressing out, you'll lose all your hair!"

This is not entirely true. Studies have shown that severe stress could lead to your hair going into a "rest mode", which means they pause the regeneration of hair which could also cause alopecia areata --- a form of hair loss that creates baldy patches.

However, these kinds of hair loss are usually connected to severely traumatic events prolong to long-term suffering and illnesses including hair loss. Everyday stress like politics in the office or your chaotic children at home would not cause your hair to fall. Even if it does, don't stress yourself because it's only temporary.

Myth 4: "Shampooing too often is the cause you're losing too much hair"

Well, this is not true. The hair follicles are not directly sensitive to shampoos. In fact, it is genetically driven and comes from under the scalp. So whether you shampoo your hair too often or never, it should be your least worrying factor that's causing or increasing your hair loss. 

Those hair getting in between your fingers in the shower? Well, those hair were meant to fall off and have been fallen off anyway. So if you ask us? We say, go wash your hair as often as possible for hygienic purpose.

Myth 5: "Buy the over the counter supplements, it can help grow your hair"

Sometimes we are buying too much of the marketing tactics, we might even endanger ourselves. We don't recommend holding onto to over the counter supplements. Not only it is not recommended by the doctors to consume such medicine as it is not safe, it is also not proven to help regenerate hair growth.

So ask again, is it worth risking your life?

Myth 6: "Don't worry, you won't be bald, you're only 20"

Did you know that hair loss can happen to anyone regardless of age? Especially for those who has hair loss due to genetic factor, pattern baldness can even take place sooner. Some people even experience it as early as 20 years old. 

So, if you happen to have started to lose your hair, don't beat up yourself thinking you must have done something bad to have caused it. If you want to be certain whether any statements could be true or myths, you can seek professional advice from our specialists.

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