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Indulgent Ayurvedic Treatments

Radiate good energy and health.

By Afrina Ghazali | March 3rd, 2023

If you have experienced frequent headaches, exhaustion or spot a sense of reduction in the quality of life, then it’s probably the way your body is telling you to rest. To pause life and just breathe. Taking a deep relaxation and detoxification time can help you to look and feel your best again.

Ayurvedic treatments are suitable to those who wish to unwind, release fatigue and relieve bodily pain. Ayurveda means “the science of life”, an alternative medicine concept originated in India that emphasizes balance within our bodies, minds and spirits. It will make you feel lighter and calmer.

If you would like a massage session that heals you from the inside out, Trambellir has the best option for you. Of course, there are hundreds of different places out there, but if you are caught with a low-quality spa, then it might just cause you more stress than relief. By booking with Trambellir, you won't have to trouble yourself and worry about the quality. It's among the best we could offer!  

@ Thanyapura Health and Sports Resort

Ayurvedic treatments offered are focused on wellness and relaxation. Here are some of the treatments offered:

1. Abhyanga Ayurveda Oil Massage (Treatment Time: 55 mins)

Abhyanga is a type of Ayurvedic massage that promotes healing to the body and mind by applying gentle pressure on the body’s vital points. Special infused oils are used in the massage to help relax, strengthen and detoxify the body.

2. Shirodhara Third Eye Oil Dripping Treatment (Treatment Time: 45 mins)

Shirodhara is a relaxing therapy to induce a mental state of deep relaxation by pouring warm medicated oils to the center of the forehead. This treatment is done in absolute silence and is said to be as one of the most popular Ayurveda Treatments. Best for people with frequent headaches, insomnia and excessive mental fatigue.

@ Exserendib Ayurveda Cure and Therapy

From a 1 Day Ayurvedic Experience to 5 Days Pain Management programs, our affiliated centre is ready to serve you with what you need best during relaxation.

Getting a massage or relaxation treatment shouldn’t be thought of as unnecessary to anyone. Massage and relaxation can help calm the nervous system, improve blood circulation and relieve muscle tension. Furthermore, a peaceful mind is easier on the body too.

With repeated visits, it can definitely help with restoring health and emotional balance. Trambellir provides a safe, secure and casual booking through our website so you can stay gold while travelling.

Ayurvedic Treatment @ Phuket  

Ayurvedic Treatment @ Colombo

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