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The Things You Need to Know About Men's Health

Why is it important?

By Afrina Ghazali | June 3rd, 2022

It's June and to commemorate it as the month of Men's Health, it's time we highlight the importance of male health attitudes and share a few preventive health practices that can help men to stay healthy and save their lives. But before that, a quick pop quiz: 

Do you know which gender is outpacing the other in health?

Despite the advances in medical diagnosis and treatments which progresses positively towards human's life expectancy, gender gap in health still has not changed and over many decades, records show that women continue to outpace men. In fact, recent studies show that the gender gap between the women and men has even became wider today than it was decades ago.

This trend is not only shown in one country but many around the world, whether in developed or developing countries, the gap is present in rural or urban areas. It is a universal finding that highlights the difference between the health of men and women in our society.

Is it true that men die younger than women?

There is no specific answer as to why males are found to be the weaker gender when it comes to health but it's almost accurate when people say men tend to have more diseases and die younger than women. For instances, men are more likely to have gout and get inguinal hernias than women.

Also, men have five times more chance at getting aortic aneurysms and develop kidney stones or to have bladder cancer. This is the reason why although women always see their doctors more often than men do, but the medical care costs are mostly contributed by men.

Importance of Men's Health

Men's health are very important and just as important as women's, but compared to women, men are more likely to smoke, drink, make risky choices and not seeing their doctors for regular checkups.

Those are among the major reasons studies stress why men need to pay more attention to their health as they too are susceptible to cancer, stroke, diabetes, depression and heart diseases.

Preventative measures and early detection are the key

According to researches, most of the critical health risks that are associated with men can be prevented but it comes with a lot of effort. Here are a few tips you can practice to heighten your health:

1. Eat clean: Eat more healthy food and avoid harmful fast and processed food

2. Exercise regularly: Join the classes or walk to work, be sure to keep up being fit

3. Reduce stress: Work never ends so don't overwork yourself and get enough rest

4. Avoid drinking and smoking: Even if you choose to, try to limit yourself 

5. Get regular checkups: Run all possible screening tests and listen to your doctor's advice

There are more tips to practice such as avoid risky behaviors such as drug abuse, unsafe sex, dangerous driving, or reduce exposure to chemicals or radiation whenever possible or try to seek joy and share it with your loved ones.

Conclusion: Go see your doctor!

Skip being the average guy. It's about time we break the "I'm the man" or the "Tough Guy" stigma. Visiting your doctors annually does not prove you are weak. In fact, you are doing yourself and your loved ones a great favour to obtain the best health and jolly a long prosperous life with your family. Check out for procedures available for men down below:

Men's Health

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