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RE-GEN: Your Quick Lunch Break Skin Lift Fix

There are a lot of things that you could be doing during lunch break nowadays and that includes skin-lifting!

By Kath Wong | February 11th, 2022

RE-GEN uses tripolar radiofrequency wave technology to improve sagging skin treatment in a non-invasive approach. It helps to smooth and tighten your skin by regenerating collagen. The main purpose of this developed technology is to lift up your sagging skin which can range from mild to moderate and it works wonderfully with any skin colour.

In recent years, radiofrequency (RF) treatments have become increasingly popular for deeper skin treatments. The process involves heating up your dermis layers with RF energy without damaging the upper skin layers. The RF technology used for this treatment is Tripolar radiofrequency. Tripolar radiofrequency wave technology is the effective combination of unipolar and bipolar RF. This combination provides deep and shallow dermal tightening simultaneously, resulting in microscopic changes to tissues and collagen contraction, along with collagen remodelling.

Another Treatment on the Lunch Break menu

RE-GEN treatment can be listed as one of the “lunch break facelifts” as the whole procedure takes just 20 to 45 minutes to complete, depending on your skin conditions. The process involves heating the skin to a bearable temperature up to 40°C for the tightening effect. After the treatment, discomfort and slight redness may occur for up to 24 hours. The overall downtime is said to be from minimal to zero.

It’s All About the Patience

Plants take time and nourishment to grow, so does our skin. For it to heal and grow, it also needs time. RE-GEN is not a miraculous cure-all as it takes time to fix little by little; thus, visible results can hardly be perceived by just one treatment. It is recommended to schedule yourself for the treatment once a week for 6 continuous weeks and followed by once a month for 3 months.

Not Recommended for People with Rosacea

RE-GEN is a heat-based treatment, it is not suitable for people with rosacea as heat can cause further inflammation and redness; it is not advisable for people with broken blood vessels or capillaries as well. Other than that, there is no other known risks or side effects for the treatment.

For a non-invasive sagging skin treatment, RE-GEN is definitely worth a try. 

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