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Why Is It Important to Practice Yoga While Travelling?

How often do you do yoga and do you incorporate it in your travels?

By Afrina Ghazali | February 4th, 2022

Travelling can be fun but at the same time, it can also be tiring and challenging not only physically but emotionally and mentally as well. Most of the time, it always starts with adapting quickly to the long hours' flight, sudden time change and not to forget, the jet lags. Imagine having your itineraries packed up with sightseeing during the day, street food tasting, souvenirs hunting and nightlife experiencing until late at night and what's more, it's the same routine continuously for a few days or even a few weeks! 

In addition to that, we got some people questioning, shouldn't be running to catch the trains and juggling in between the opening hours for a few different locations be enough exercise throughout? Well, in this case, we must not agree.

No matter how exciting your trip is, your body and mind will eventually reach a state of exhaustion. This is when yoga would play a crucial role. 

Why Yoga?

Yoga as all would have known is a simple exercise technique that involves moving your body to become fitter, more flexible and at the same time put your mind at ease. It circles you back to the centre of the neutral state of your mind and body which helps calm your nerves and release body sores. So even if running between your set activities would be considered an exercise, the stress 

There are numerous reasons why yoga is believed to be really helpful when practised during travels, but here are a few reasons why we think you must include yoga in your itineraries:

1. It is a natural stress-reducing activity

Let's admit it, shall we? All exercises have stress-busting benefits as it reduces the stress hormones and releases your endorphins - which explains why you often feel fresher and better after a few smashes at the court or a quick run. Yoga is not an exception. It has the same effect and you can do it in one place without running around. So considering you will have to squeeze in within your wrapped up schedules, yoga is one of the best exercises for you to reset your mind every morning of your travels.

2. Let you live in the moment

Did you know that the more you do yoga, the more it helps you become mindful? As you achieve a state of peace of mind, the more you can be present and embrace the moment. What kind of a trip would it have become if you are all over the place, ey? So instead of worrying about how your trip will turn out or stressing about how uneventful it has been, why not relax and be in the zone?

Yoga is a great tool that can help you do that.

3. Boost up your immune system

If you haven't known, let us tell you that stress and the immune system are correlated with one another. As stress hormones increase, your immune system will automatically be weakened. What yoga does is that the postures help calm your nervous system, automate your respiratory tracts and lungs as well as stimulate your lymphatic system. Overall, your body will be conditioned to eliminate all the present toxins, improve the functions of your organs and immune system.

4. Regulate your sleeping cycle

Remember the jet lags? Well, one might not mind it considering the excitement that comes with travelling but don't forget that your body is well aware of it.

So be prepared for how it could mess up your body clocks. If you think sleeping in and waking up anytime your body tells you would be a problem looking at how it does not fit your schedules, well, it's time you think about incorporating yoga to fix your sleep. Not only can it help you fall asleep faster, but it can also improve the overall quality of your sleep. That way, you can get yourself back on track!

5. Do it for the grams?

Oh, come on! Don't tell us you won't update your vacation on your social media? Okay, fine, if it's not for the gram, let's do it for the memories, shall we? It's not forever that you will witness a different place with different views, this is a great time for you to experience yoga with unique and beautiful spots settings. Giddy-up and enjoy the show, ey!


To sum it up, yoga has a lot of great effects on your body and mind. It increases your blood flow, it helps you feel fresh from fatigue, it helps stop your anxiety to go up the roof and it keeps diseases away.

So, why not 'bookmark' your favourite 3 - 4 poses and bring them along on your future trips? If you also like to have a professional helping you along your way, check a few yoga sessions that you could add to your to-do-list:

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