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Way to Accelerate: Trambellir Selected to be a part of 500 Kobe Founder Academy Program

Guess what, we are delighted to share with all that we have been chosen to participate in the 500 Kobe Founder Academy Program.

By Afrina Ghazali | September 7th, 2021

This is exciting for us as we are always looking for new ideas and ways to improve our services and we highly believe this could be our stairway up.


500 Kobe Founder Academy is a startup accelerator program operated by 500 Startups, known to be a leading early-stage investment firm that has made over 2,500 investments globally. This program has always been held in one of Japan's largest cities, Kobe since 2015 with a clear objective to help startup companies develop their businesses. This year-round, this program will be held virtually to accustom to the changes due to the pandemic. We are more than pleased to participate in this program since our company is also managed by a few Japanese line-ups. 

With a global team of industry experts, we believe that this program will surely help startups like us thrive. It will also allow us to be a part of the growing network in Kobe and beyond and at the same time have proper training on the business fundamentals. By the end of the program, 500 Kobe Founder Academy promises:

  • Accelerated businesses through a virtual four-week program

  • Custom-designed program as a support to scale up

  • Gain access to weekly AMA sessions to clarify further on Growth Fundamentals, Sales, Capital Growth and many others.


According to a study, accelerators can help startups perform better than other early-stage investors. This finding is not universal and has been isolated to some leading programs but early evidence has shown that accelerators can help attract early-stage financing and seed capital for a community. By and large, they seem to be beneficial additions to startup ecosystems globally. Some may not make much difference, but many clearly do. This benefit can bring additional economic benefits to the region and we are certainly glad to be a part of this event.


Trambellir is an online marketplace for wellness holidays that mainly aim to ease medical, wellness and beauty treatments' booking procedures all over the world. This way one can simply book various kinds of treatments whenever and wherever they are with just a simple click. Trambellir's missions aim to:

     ✓ Enrich your itinerary with treatments for your health, wellness and beauty

     ✓ Enhance your medical tourism experience 

     ✓ Travel beyond food and sightseeing

Trambellir also channels well-trusted health and beauty institutions to join our affiliate programs at zero cost. We are currently expanding our missions even further and covering more categories to offer.