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Trambellir’s Special Deals For 10 Million Maxis & Hotlink App Members!

Maxis and Hotlink App Members, these special deals are for you!

By Afrina Ghazali | September 17th, 2021

With the rise of numbers in the COVID-19 cases, more and more Malaysians are looking for ways to escape their homes and relish some extraordinarily rejuvenating activities. In light of this, we are delighted to announce that Trambellir has stepped forward and made collaborations with Maxis and taken part in Maxis & Hotlink Deals. 


Through this partnership, Maxis will provide a higher opportunity to reach out to the large and affluent base of Maxis and Hotlink with attractive offers. e-Vouchers are also made available for Hotlink customers to redeem exclusive discounts. This way, we will not only be able to reach out to over 10 Million active Maxis and Hotlink users through their mobile app, eDM newsletter, targeted SMS push notification, and social media post; we will also obtain a strong customer acquisition channel for Malaysians and increase brand awareness and corporate value.

We are more than happy to offer special deals for Maxis members to relieve their daily fatigue,  stress, and maintain mental health, especially for Malaysian people who have been in stressful situations during the pandemic period. We hope we can contribute to Malaysian people’s healthcare, wellness, mental health care and overall well-being.

Whether they’re preparing for their big day or simply spending their me-time out; whether they’re first-timers or an experienced user,  Trambellir has something for everyone and has the resources to make it lavishly enjoyable for them. With exciting experiences and great prices, Trambellir is the one-stop online marketplace for all their wellness activities and is committed to supporting the development of sustainable solutions that improve human health.


Trambellir is an online marketplace for wellness holidays that mainly aim to ease medical, wellness and beauty treatments' booking procedures all over the world. This way one can simply book various kinds of treatments whenever and wherever they are with just a simple click. Trambellir's missions aim to:

     ✓ Enrich your itinerary with treatments for your health, wellness and beauty

     ✓ Enhance your medical tourism experience 

     ✓ Travel beyond food and sightseeing

Trambellir also channels well-trusted health and beauty institutions to join our affiliate programs at zero cost. We are currently expanding our missions even further and covering more categories to offer.


Maxis is a leading digital solutions provider in Malaysia. They offer a variety of high-quality digital services that help people and businesses be successful in an evolving world.

As digitalisation continues to transform the way people communicate and access various services, Maxis continues to develop new products and solutions that take advantage of the latest mobile platforms. Not only are they committed to providing the best products in terms of quality, but also to delivering the best customer experience