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What Causes Skin Dullness And How Gluta Peel Can Help

Save your skin from further consequences in no time

By Kath Wong | December 23, 2020

Having a dull skin condition seems to be inevitable these days as there are various stimulating factors that could contribute and accumulate onto your skin day by day; in this article you will find out what can actually cause the skin dullness to worsen and how a skin treatment called Gluta Peel works on reviving dull skin.

1. The smoking habit and secondhand smoking

Smoking is never a best friend for your skin. The habit takes away the healthy, youthful skin of yours; nonetheless, repeated contact with secondhand smoke will also damage the skin and both the factors would cause your skin to look sallow and prematurely old. It is best to stay away from the lit cigarettes to prevent its complications on your skin.

2. Skipping steps on your skin care routine

Proper skin care steps must be taken seriously even on the days you feel too exhausted to do so. With daily makeups on and not cleaning them off appropriately can cause pores to clog and skin to accumulate impurities which eventually leads to skin dullness. Exfoliating weekly is very important and is the most effective way to keep your skin healthy and clean.

Skin exfoliation can be simply done using gentle face scrub that is suitable for you to remove dead skin cells and give smoother as well as brighter skin texture. Moreover, make sure to moisturize daily. Avoid taking long and hot showers to prevent hot water from drying your skin by drawing out moisture and removing the skin’s natural protective layer.

3. Not having time to exercise and care for your diet

Studies showed that exercising stimulates blood flow and helps to accelerate skin turnover process, which means dead skin cells could shed fast and new skin formation will happen more effectively. The natural mechanism mentioned is vital to maintain a glowing complexion for your skin. Also, a healthy balanced diet and adequate amount of water intake daily plays a big role on your skin.

What you may want to avoid are processed and fatty foods. Plenty of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins A, C and E are particularly noted for improving the skin’s appearance. Furthermore, your body needs at least 8 glasses of water per day to take care of your overall health and skin.

However, it is recommended to avoid or reduce caffeinated beverages intake as they can interfere with the body’s vitamins and minerals absorption, for instance, vitamin C and iron, the essential ingredients for hydrated skin as well as rosy glow complexion.

The Gluta Peel

It is fairly understandable that sometimes we do not have the time or ability to take proper care of our skin as much as how we would like to. Fortunately, there are skin treatments available that are specially designed for dull skin.

One of the simplest yet effective treatments is Gluta Peel. The treatment’s main ingredient is glutathione, an antioxidant that helps to fight free radicals and protect the cells in the human body. Other than that, it also provides anti-aging effects and is known for its ability to promote skin whitening.

The procedure involves face steaming to open the pores, dermabrasion for suction of blackheads, whiteheads, as well as dead skin cells, glutathione peeling for skin brightening, followed by LED mask to improve blood flow and activate skin reparation. At the end of the treatment, skin will be neutralized and sunscreen will be applied for protection.

It is never too late to try and figure what works best for your skin.

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