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Why Is It Important To Go For Regular Checkups?

Are checkups necessary?

By Afrina Ghazali | May 6th, 2022

There are so much on the list to help you maintain a disease-free lifestyle. If you think keeping up to fitness is the answer, remember that it requires you to exercise, jogging in the morning and keeping up with healthy meals. But that's not all. Going for regular checkups must also be considered as a part of your fitness routines because after all, heatlh checkups are that important.

Common Perceptions of Health Checkups

"I've been healthy all my life, do I really need to get myself tested?" or "I'm still of a young age, health checkups wouldn't be necessary for me, would it?"

Those are among the few most common questions we get asked a lot. Most of the people think that health checkups are only an essential measure for those already affected with diseases and of old age. And that is exactly what needs correcting.

Health checkups are for everyone as a tool to maintaining health. It helps evaluate the current performance of the bodily organs and state of well-being as well as to help diagnose should there be any underlying potential problems that might develop in the future.

Today, many of us have no choice but to be working in heavy industries, exposed to chemicals or pollutions and consuming unhealthy fast food too often to cut the time, because of that, one may not expect the kinds of illness we could be getting in the future.

Nowadays, there are many cases recorded that people can develop cancer without having any family associated with cancer in the history. There are many cases where people suddenly die of heart attacks. Mostly happen unexpectedly and this is one of the major reasons why health checkups are very crucial in the world we live in today.

What do Health Checkups do?

Health checkups do not only evaluate the physical part of the body but also include other laboratory screenings, blood profiling and other bodily scans according to specific age, sex, family health and history.

There are a lot of options available to choose from today. The medical experts have made different selections of health checkups suitable for those below 40, those with family history of certain illnesses, those with allergies and much more.

Some of the things that you could expect in a regular health checkup are:

     i. Height & Body Weight Measurement

    ii. Vitals Count

   iii. Personal & Family History

   iv. Physical Examination

    v. Laboratory Tests and Screenings

   vi. Heart / Lung / Abdominal etc Examinations

   vii. Extremities Examination

  viii. Male / Female Physical Examination

  ... and a lot more 

Benefits of going for regular health checkups

1. Keeps you alert

Instead of being reactive to sudden illnesses, you can tick yourself off from being proactive. Keeping tabs to your health performance will allow you to be more cautious of what to eat, what not to do, what to avoid using and much more.

Hence, you will be more alert of your surrounding to maintain your health

2. Be advanced

You must have heard that prevention is better than cure. But how do you prevent if you do not know what's the clue? This is exactly when the results of your recent health checkup come in handy. Certain conditions like high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes and HIV can only be identified through blood tests and if you don't have it done via checkups, you might have missed or ignored any symptoms to identify the ailments

3. Obtain golden time

They say time is money and we must agree. Health checkups can at least help you ensure your health is at best and would usually only need 1 day but being on sick leave might end up days. So, make a wise choice.

At, there are many health checkups to choose from and they ranges from many different locations as well. Check them up here and reach out to us at or WhatsApp us at +601151303160 should you need any assistance. 

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