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Your 101 Guide to Planning Your Medical Tourism Trip

What are the must do's to planning your medical tourism trip?

By Afrina Ghazali | April 29th, 2022

Over the past few weeks as most countries have announced official movement to endemic phase, we have received the highest volume of inquiries regarding their plans for their medical procedures abroad. This proves that the demand in the industry have started to rise and people are starting to relive a normal pre-pandemic life.

Most countries have also started to open their borders welcoming tourists and medical travelers to visit; and these countries include Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, Singapore and a lot more. However, kindly note that there are a few countries that still choose to close its borders in handling the cases until further notice.

Well, that's about that. This article will guide you through the early stage process to planning your medical tourism trip. Remember, an advance planning will always be more successful and smooth. 

Read on below to learn them more:

1. Research your interest

Among the things that you need to know are:

i. The treatment availability and standard of care
ii. The location or medical tourism destination
iii. The cost of the procedures and other hidden fees
iv. The infrastructure and technology used
v. The insurance, visa and other immigration-related paperwork
vi. The accommodation and the transportation


The list could be longer but the ones listed above are the most crucial one. No, of course you won't end up having a master degree but doing your research before you travel can help you plan your trip better. 

2. Prepare your budget

If you are coming from the US or the European countries, you are most likely prefer to have done the medical procedures in countries with high-end technology and highly experienced medical team at a downcost price like Malaysia and Thailand.

But if you are going to those countries from neighbouring countries for better service and standard of care, then you must budget your trip properly. Some of our customers even save up for months before they finally proceed to getting the treatments.

A few tips that can help you save more than you think you could:

i. Book a discounted flight tickets in advance
ii. Hunt for discounted accommodations
iii. Pack your snacks from home


3. Consult the professionals

If you are one of those fast-paced planners, you must have already been in motion with planning your trip. There's no wrong in that but we highly suggest that you have direct consultation with the professionals. At trambellir, you can first liaise with our consultants and further with our health professionals.

This way, knowing your medical history and the kinds of treatments you wish to have, the health professionals will guide you with the timing, medication screening and a few others as they want to give the best care to you as well! 

We say wait no more. Reach out to our consultants at or WhatsApp us at +601151303160. You can also DM us via our social media platforms @trambellir if you want to have the best medical tourism trip planned!

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