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Early Stage Cancer Detection (PROTEO Inspection)

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It Is Suitable For

· Those interested in early cancer detection (Stage 0) in Tokyo, Japan.
· Those with family history of cancer.
· Those who want to know their cancer risks.
· Those who want a quick and simple procedure of cancer detection.
· Those who want a guide in caring for their health and managing cancer risks.

What is PROTEO®?

PROTEO® is a cancer screening test that has made early detection of cancer at Stage 0 possible. Well-known cancer examinations like the PET scan can have difficulties in detecting lesions of few millimetres and can be time-consuming. Traditional tumor markers are also not able to identify primary cancer sites yet, and their cancer detection is from 5mm to 1cm. But with PROTEO, cancer as small as 1 mm can be detected. This technology can detect the following solid malignant tumors: pancreatic, lung, breast, ovarian, prostate, gastric, umbilical, liver, colon, thyroid, kidney, and uterine cancer.

It’s important to get an early detection to increase the survival rate. Based on surveys of diagnosed cases, patients who have Stage I cancer and performed surgery have a 95.4% survival rate for 5 years. Some other types such as stomach, rectal and breast cancer have a 5-year relative survival rate of 100%. However, when the cancer has progressed to stage II upon discovery, then the 5-year relative survival rate will drop significantly, for instance, as much as to 16.9% for stomach cancer.

How It Works

PROTEO can detect cancer with just 30 microliters of blood from the patient, and can determine cancer risks in 3 stages:
A (low risk)
B (follow-up required)
C (high risk)

When blood has been drawn from the patient, 1 drop of blood component (serum) will be placed on a metal chip. Then, cancer-related substances in the blood will react with and be absorbed by the silver peroxide meso. Then light will be applied, and autofluorescence of absorbed cancer-related substances will be observed. Malignant tumors have more fluorescence than benign diseases and tumors.

Features of PROTEO®

<Stable Markers>
PROTEO® uses nucleosomes (a section of DNA that is wrapped around a core of proteins) as a marker. These nucleosomes are naturally released into the blood by autoimmune process. The state of nucleosomes in which proteins and DNA are bound together, is very stable. Therefore, transportation of nucleosomes can be done easily.

<Highly Sensitive Detection>
Biochips used in PROTEO® measure cancer-related substances by directly absorbing cancer-related substances only. It is possible to detect the target substances at low concentration because there is very little influence of other substances.

<Label Free>
PROTEO® is the world’ s first technology of label-free detection which does not require GFP (green fluorescent protein) or any other pigment.

PROTEO® Inspection Procedure

1. A small amount of blood will be collected from your fingertips.
2. The sample will be sent to a specialized inspection center. Test results will be quantified and risk judged, and a report will be sent to your doctor.
3. To get an understanding of the result, the results will be explained to you by the doctor. If additional tests or future treatments are required, these will be guided by the doctor.

Advantages and Limitations of PROTEO® Inspection

· Early detection of cancer at Stage 0
· Minimally invasive
· No radiation exposure
· No diet restriction required before starting the test
· Quick and simple procedure

· Possible anxiety and worries after getting the result. You are advised to get a clear guidance from the doctor

Steps to Lower Cancer Risks

· Changing to a healthier and more active lifestyle
· Taking medicines to reduce risks
· Preventive or prophylactic surgery: Procedure to remove a healthy organ or gland to avoid cancer from starting there
· Early detection: Get screening tests and consultation with a doctor when the cancer is most probably small and treatment is most likely to be successful


Q1: When can I get my results?
A1: It may take a few days to get the results since it has to be sent to the laboratory and a report has to be completed. However, it will not take so long as the PROTEO® examination has no complex procedure and all examination protocols can be done quickly.

Q2: Should I fast before the drawing blood?
A2: No, the test is not affected by food and drinks, so there is no need for dietary restrictions. However, doctors advise to avoid excessive alcohol consumption.

Q3: What else can PROTEO® test be used for apart from cancer detection?
A3: It can be useful for determining risk of tumor progression, cancer recurrence, metastasis and risk of treatment effects.

Q4: Is it suitable for pregnant women?
A4: Yes, no radiation is involved so it is safe for women who are pregnant or have a possibility of pregnancy. In fact, it is also safe for patients from a wide range of age from the infant (childhood cancer) to the elderly.

Q5: How is it possible that the results can be found from just a drop of blood?
A5: Cancer cells are believed to be fragmented to chromatin and nucleosomes (a section of DNA), and then released in the blood through apoptosis (autoimmune). PROTEO® uses nucleosomes as a marker for the test.

Q6: What happens if my result is high-risk?
A6: The doctor will give you some guidance on treatment possibilities and suggestions of lifestyle changes. It is important to remain calm and explore you treatment opportunities to get a better chance at eliminating cancer.

Clinic Information

[Clinic Name] Omotesando Helene
[Location] Tokyo, Japan
[Nearest Stations / Attractions] About 7 mins walking distance to Cat Street, 5 mins to Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum and 4 mins to Aoyama Gakuin University
[Clinic Opening Time] Everyday except Wednesday (10:00AM - 7:00PM)

Operation Time 10 mins
Recovery Time None
Number of Postoperative Visit Not Required
Hospitalization Not Required
Include In This Price Tax, Interpreter Fee
Location 5-9-15 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Aoyama OHMOTO Building 3F, 107-0062

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