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Indiba Treatment (Improve Flaccidity using Innovative RF Technology)

$251 - $303

It Is Suitable For

· Those who are looking for skin tightening treatments in Tokyo.
· Those with wrinkles / fine lines / flaccid skin.
· Those who wish to revive youthful skin.
· Those who wish to improve poor skin texture.
· Those who wish to enhance skin beauty from within.

What is Indiba Treatment?

Indiba treatment is a revolutionary non-invasive treatment practiced widely in the aesthetic field used especially to stimulate collagen production simultaneously tightening and smoothing out your skin's surface.

Indiba treatment involves a delivery of its patented monopolar radiofrequency energy of 448 kHz deep into your dermis and sub-dermal layer. This can be done without damaging the external layer of your skin.

This treatment is suitable for face and body. With Indiba, not only can it help improve your skin texture, it can also help treat other concerns like cellulite, stretch marks and flabby arms.

How It Works

Based on the patented 'Proionic action', this treatment allows the exchange of positive and negative ions between the extracellular and intracellular matrix of the cells to create a balanced state of ions.

The energy delivered by 448kHz of radiofrequency heats up your dermis layer and encourages more production of collagen. As collagen is regenerated and heated, the collagen tightens which results in your skin to appear firmer and younger.

Indiba Treatment Procedure

1. Treatment area will undergo lymphatic drainage followed by a massage
2. Indiba treatment head will then be applied onto the treatment area to deliver the RF energy
3. 2 different types of electrodes (capacitive and resistive) will be used to encourage a balanced state of ions
4. End of treatment

Modes of Indiba Treatment

Radiofrequency energy used by Indiba is delivered in 2 modes:

· Capacitive Electrode (CET)
Responsible for energy points stimulation as a unique and important step to promote lymphatic drainage

· Resistive Electrode (RET)
Allows penetration of energy deep down and increase the internal temperature at specific layer

Indiba Treatment Helps In

· Skin tightening
Results of immediate and repetitive contraction of collagen

· Skin rejuvenation
Achieved by regeneration of new collagen and elastin

· Fat reduction
Obtained when fat cells are shrunk by heating at higher energies

Indiba Single Treatment Benefit

Indiba treatment allows the energy used to exclusively suit mobilizing ions through your membrane cells. This is why it is possible to achieve 3 important benefits when different energies and temperatures are combined.

· Biostimulation
Activates your body metabolism, collagen and fibroblasts

· Microcirculation
Increase your metabolism, blood flow and drainage

· Hyperactivation
Allows tissue detoxification, fat removal as well as collagen regeneration.

Advantages and Limitations of Indiba Treatment

· No downtime
· Non-invasive
· Improves skin texture
· Removes fat cells and toxins
· Tightens skin
· Minimizes aging signs

· May require more than just 1 visit
· Rare, but temporary swelling or redness may occur

Indiba Treatment Post Care

· Drink more water to flush out your body toxins
· Avoid consumption of caffeine and alcohol
· Refrain from sauna visit for at least 24 hrs


Q1: I am planning to conceive, is this treatment suitable for me?
A1: This treatment is very safe for everyone, however, it is not recommended for pregnant women. If you are only starting to plan to conceive and need some treatments to help you with fat loss, then this might be very useful for you.

Q2: Will it hurt?
A2: Most people who have had experience with Indiba said that the treatment did not hurt but you may experience a warm sensation throughout.

Q3: I am a man aged 40, is this suitable for me?
A3: Sure it is. This treatment is suitable for both women and men. Whether it's for the face or the body, if you need it for skin rejuvenation or fat reduction, this is certainly suitable for you.

Q4: How soon will I be able to notice results?
A4: For face, it may take about 2 to 3 visits for a profound result. However for body, it may take longer. It is highly recommended that you practice a healthy dietary habits, sufficient liquid intake as well as maintain light physical activity to achieve optimum results.

Q5: Will I need to excuse myself from work?
A5: That would not be necessary. With Indiba, there will be no downtime so you may resume work as usual immediately after.

Clinic Information

[Clinic Name] La Grand Clinic
[Location] Tokyo, Japan
[Nearest Station/ Nearest Tourist Destination] Clinic is located in Ginza, near Pola Museum Annex Art Gallery and strategically located among eateries and shopping malls.
[Clinic Opening Time] Tuesday - Friday (12:00PM - 8:00PM ; closed 3:00PM - 4:00PM) ; Saturday (10:00AM - 6:00PM ; closed 1:00PM - 2:00PM) ; Clinic Closed on Monday and Public Holiday

Operation Time 60 - 90 mins
Recovery Time None
Number of Postoperative Visit Not Required
Hospitalization Not Required
Limitations Maintenance visits may be required for ideal results
Other Information The followings are not included in the price:
Consultation Fee: USD 31
Re-Examination Fee: USD 10
Cancellation Policy No cancellation fees will be charged if you cancel your booking ahead of time. Failure to do so, you will be charged 30% or 50% if cancellation is made within 3 days or 1 day respectively - prior to the appointment date. For a no-show or same-day cancellation, you will be penalized with 100% of treatment fees.
Include In This Price Interpreter Fee
Location 6F Ise-I Building, 1-8-17 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 , Japan

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