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Plasma Gel Injection (PPP Bio-Filler Gel For Wrinkles) [Fukuoka]


It Is Suitable For

· Those in Fukuoka, Japan who need treatment for deep wrinkles.
· Those with dry skin and uneven skin texture.
· Those with wrinkles and facial lines.
· Those who wish to undergo long-lasting skin rejuvenation.
· Those who wish to regenerate healthy and plumped skin.

What is Plasma Gel Injection?

Plasma Gel Injection is a cosmetic procedure performed to smoothen or eliminate deep wrinkles and fine lines on the aging skin.
The treatment utilizes plasma gel that is made by PPP (Platelet-poor plasma) extracted from the blood of the patient to inject onto the areas that need augmentation as the solution to the dented wrinkles.

Plasma Gel Injection is similar to facial fillers as it acts as a supplement for facial volume. Uniquely, as PPP is extracted from autologous blood, it contains a variety of endogenous cell growth factors to aid in skin regeneration, which includes the bio-stimulation process, promoting collagen production and hence revives firmness back to skin.

Plasma gel is also known as Bio-Filler as it is fully extracted naturally from patient's own blood. It is a safe procedure that is used to overcome the potential risks and side effects of the use of foreign materials as well as autologous fat.

How It Works

Plasma Gel Injection works by firstly collecting blood from the patient and use a machine known as ZeroTherm to extract the PPP (Platelet-poor plasma) by centrifugation and put to heat to form gel-like PPP, which is then known as plasma gel.

It is a safe and convenient treatment as the ingredients are natural from the patient which will not cause any foreign body reaction.
The first noticeable result will be visible immediately after the treatment, followed by the collagen production effect that can be seen by 2 weeks time. The plasma gel injected can remain in the body up to 2 months and will be completely absorbed into the areas treated. It is recommended to have 3 sessions with a 4-week interval.

Plasma Gel Injection with PRP Treatment

The procedure can give more effective results when PRP treatment is conducted at the same time. The combination provides great results for dents under the eyes, nasolabial lines, marionette lines, wrinkles on the upper lips, sagging cheeks, temple, as well as neck lines.

One session of the plasma gel and PRP can have the effect that lasts up to 6 months. 3 Sessions at a 4-week interval is recommended to prolong the effect that would last up to 2 years.

Plasma Gel Injection Procedure

1. Consultation and examination of skin condition
2. Blood collection
3. Blood processing for extraction of PPP
4. Heating of PPP to form plasma gel
5. Application of anesthesia injection
6. Plasma gel injection to the wrinkles/fine lines

Advantages and Limitations of Plasma Gel Injection

· Safe and natural treatment
· Smoothens deep wrinkles
· Repairs damaged skin
· Rejuvenates aged skin
· Quick and effective procedure

· A few sessions may be needed to maintain the results

Plasma Gel Injection Post Care

· Avoid washing treated area for 48 hrs after the treatment
· Avoid anti-inflammatory and blood-thinning medications for at least 3 to 7 days
· Avoid strenuous exercise, sun, and heat exposure for at least 2 days after the treatment
· Avoid saunas, steam rooms, swimming for at least 2 days
· Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and smoking for at least 3 days after the treatment

Contraindications for Plasma Gel Injection

· Pregnancy
· Active breastfeeding
· Has active infection,
· Metastatic disease
· Skin diseases
· Has certain blood and bleeding disorders
· Undergoing anticoagulation therapy (and cannot temporarily suspend treatment)
· Anemia


Q1: Can I do my makeup and wash face from the day itself after the treatment?
A1: Yes, makeup and washing face can be done within the same day of treatment but the treated area should be avoided.

Q2: Does the treatment hurt?
A2: Anesthesia will be injected prior to the injection treatment.

Q3: How much blood will be collected?
A3: About 10 to 20 ml of blood will be collected for the treatment.

Clinic Information

Clinic Name] The Clinic
[Location] Fukuoka, Japan
[Nearest Station/ Nearest Tourist Destination] Around 5 mins walk from Tenjin Station Exit 2 and about 5 mins walk from Nishitetsu Tenjin Station North Exit. Clinic is nearby shops and eateries.
[Clinic Opening Time] Everyday (10:00AM-7:00PM)

Operation Time 10 mins
Recovery Time None
Number of Postoperative Visit Not required
Hospitalization Not required
Other Information Patients are required to fill in the form provided.
Include In This Price Consultation Fee, Interpreter Fee, Tax, Anesthesia Fee, Post-Operative Medical Examination Fee, Medicine Fee
Location Japan, 810-0041 Fukuoka, Chuo Ward, Daimyo, 2 Chome−1−18 Broom 4F
Attached File JP-First form.pdf

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